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Student jobs help the student to gain financial freedom, satisfying confidence, skills development, and professional experience to increase career and employment opportunities in the future. The best part is while studying in Germany; a student is legally permitted to work part-time. It is an irrefutable favour offered by the government. A student is financially dependent on the guardian but getting a flexible student job, can support them with some extra income and financial freedom.

Eligibility Criteria to Get a Student Job in Germany

  • Age from 18 to 35 years
  • Enrolled as a student in a German university

Why Germany is an ideal destination for International students?

  • Recognized quality of education
  • Comparatively affordable living cost
  • Numerous opportunities
  • Students are legally permitted to earn good pocket money through student jobs
  • Permitted student jobs open a door of opportunities and learning for international students

According to statistics, two out of three students are employed in a student job, which are easily obtainable in Germany.

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How to Find English-Speaking Jobs in Germany

Students From European Union

Students from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland entertain the same rights for student employment as German national students. After some insurance contributions, they are eligible to work for more than 20 hours per week.

Students From Different Countries

Students who don’t belong to the above-mentioned countries have to conform to some restrictions:

  • Working hours limitation: An international student is allowed to work for only 120 full days or 240 half days per annum.
  • Special permission: International students are confined to take special permission from the foreigners’ registration office (Ausländerbehörde) and/or from a local employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) if they want to work for more than the permitted working hours. A student living in an area with low employment rates can get this permission easily.
  • Work Restrictions: A student’s freelancing or self-employment is not allowed.
  • Language course: International students are allowed to work during recess period only if they have taken up a language course. Permissions from Federal Employment Agency and The Immigration Office are required.
  • A bright part is if an international student is working as an academic assistant, they are not usually restricted to permitted working hours.

Types of student Jobs in Germany


  • These are Specific part-time jobs in the German employment system, also known as Side-Jobs, which come with flexible terms and conditions
  • The income of mini-jobs is not qualified for income tax.
  • The maximum salary offered is €520 monthly (€6240 per year)

Short-Term Jobs

  • Short-term Jobs last for a duration of fewer than three months or 70 working days, about 5 working hours per day.
  • Suitable for students seeking to work in long summer holidays.
  • Income is not qualified for tax.


  • Internships benefit both students and employers.
  • They are the best way to gain practical knowledge for being a competent professional and build connections with potential employers.
  • The duration of the internship is flexible, from a few weeks to months.
  • A stipend is paid to internees with internship experience certification.

What Job Opportunities Are Available for a Student in Germany?

The most common part-time jobs are:

  • Academic Assistant: Teacher assistant, Literature researcher, Library supervision
  • Babysitter
  • Courier service
  • Bartender
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Cashier
  • Internee
  • Private tuitions
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How to Find a Student Job in Germany?

An impediment in your way to financial independence is difficulty in finding an appropriate job for yourself in Germany.

There are some methods to get yourself employed:

University Bulletin Board

Being a student, you can utilize this facility provided by universities. It is the best way to find an authentic student job. Check university advertisement boards daily to rush into the opportunity before someone else. These boards are daily pinned with flyers and notices. You can work with flexible terms and conditions according to your skills.

University Career Centers

Many universities own a career centre to facilitate the students to get employment while studying. The career centres function by being in contact with other industries and potential employers, to comprehend the current job market. Students can get an appointment with the university’s career centre representative and discuss their job requirements and eligibility and can get the job if a suitable opportunity is available.

Student Jobs in the University you’re enrolled

 It is a good chance for a student to get a part-time job in the same university he/she is studying. It not only makes recognition but helps in gaining experience and building an efficient and competent skill set in their field of subject.

Student jobs in universities are not so difficult to find. Use Google to search for the university’s internal Job Portal. Write “University + Studentische Hilfskraft” in the search bar. Every university has an internal jobs portal, a student of the same university can hopefully get a student job by this method.

Search for a Job on Google

Everyone knows that Google has a solution to every problem in this world. As we search for addresses, restaurants, and other content on Google, a student can sanguinely use it as a reliable source as a way of finding a student job.

Companies accurately advertise themselves on this platform.  Search this term on Google: “Arbeits Firmen + Name of the city” and select this: “Mehr Orte”. Google will show a list of companies and their other details and contact information after searching this. A student can contact them as soon as possible after rechecking the company details and leaving a resume or a cover letter. 

This method has helped numerous students to get themselves a good student job within a week or two.

Facebook Groups

There are many student jobs groups on Facebook created specifically for job seekers and job postings to help both the student and the employer. You can also find Facebook Job groups confined for a specific niche. 

Simply open Facebook and search for your required job niche with the city name. This will definitely be going to help you. Another beneficial part offered by Facebook groups is self-advertisement. You can share your portfolio to get noticed by a potential employer in groups.


Indeed is a name acknowledged by a huge number of employers and job seekers. Create your account on Indeed and update your complete academic portfolio. You can search for the specific type of job you want for yourself. There are numerous opportunities in every field.

eBay Kleinanziegen

For finding all categories of job advertisements in Germany, eBay Kleinanziegen is one of the most trusted, popular, and active sites on the internet. Students can search for the relevant jobs, they are eligible to do.

Studietemps / Jobmensa

Studietemps serves as a trusted and transparent connecting portal between students and employers in Germany. A user has to create an account to get logged in. After providing the required personal information the website shows the numerous relevant posted jobs. The best part is that almost every job is posted with proficient mentioned details.

The other website by Studietemps is It is a Job advertisement portal. Jobs are posted and a student can easily find a job by searching through relevant input. 

Bottom Line

A student must have to be confident and self-assured to step into practical life. It is always good to try all available options. It is equally important for a student to make wise decisions and search for opportunity which helps the pocket, career growth, and future endeavours as well.

Germany has some really great and prospering opportunities for students. We hope this article helped you in finding the right direction to get a stable student job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For how many hours a student can work in Germany?

A student is restricted to earning up to 450 Euros monthly. For earning this amount with at least a minimum wage of 9 Euros per hour, a student can legally work for about eleven hours per week, or 48 hours per month.

How much amount does a student get paid in Germany?

Student jobs help the students to earn good pocket money, but they are not enough to integument all the expenses for a student living in Germany. The minimum wage is 12 Euros per hour as of October 2022

What factors influence the salary of a student's job?

  • A skilled and eligible student can get a higher-paying student job.
  • Some industries pay a high stipend while some pay less.
  • Salaries of student jobs also depend on the regional labour market
  • In larger German cities a student can get more pay, as compared to smaller cities.
  • Pay per hour is higher in some sectors like production, academic institutions, and trade fairs.

Do students on a part-time job in Germany pay tax?

A student earning not more than 520 EUR per month does not have to pay tax (As of 2022). If a student is earning more than that after getting special permission, they have to get a tax number.

Who is eligible to pay Social security contributions in Germany?

Permanently employed are the only eligible personals to contribute to social security payments. This includes health, nursing care, unemployment insurance, and pension.

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