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People joining the working force for the first time, especially international families, may find mini jobs unfamiliar. To prevent any confusion and help you land a mini job, this article will serve as a guide. As well as helping you decide if a mini job is appropriate for you, it will also provide you with some valuable information.

What Is a Mini job In Germany?

As of 2024, The tax system of Germany clearly outlines that mini-jobs are restricted to 538 Euros. It means a mini job is a marginal job, and in this type of employment, your earnings and the time duration of the job are limited. Overall, the mini-job is based on two principles:

  1. In mini jobs, you can earn a maximum of € 538 per month or € 6,456 per year. Although you can earn more than € 538 in an individual month, to remain in the category of a mini job, you are not allowed to exceed your earnings of € 6,456 per year. It also includes one-off payments such as Christmas bonuses or holiday pay.

Is The Mini Job Income Taxable?

Yes, whether it is short-term employment or €538 income, you have to pay taxes on both types of income. Your annual electronic payslip will determine whether your wages will be flat-taxed or individual taxed. The employer generally decides this. So, if your employer settles for a flat-tax option, your €538 will be tax-free. In this situation, your employer pays a 2% tax on gross pay; this tax includes solidarity tax, Solidaritätszuschlag, and church tax, Kirchenteuer.

In individual taxation, your usual income tax criteria would be followed. It means there will be a 25% detection on the income when

  • The employment is not recurring.
  • The 18 cohesive days is your last maximum working period.
  • The per day wage rate is less than €62. 

Who Can Take a Mini Job in Germany?

The mini-jobs cannot help you earn much money. They are not meant to be your profession. Moreover, the money you earn from these jobs does not significantly affect the employee's financial conditions. Thus, these jobs are more suitable for students who can use this money to pay their miscellaneous expenses. 

Still, it is essential to note that anyone with the legal right to work in Germany can take the mini job. Even international students are eligible to work as mini jobbers as long as the working hours suit the student visa requirements. People with work visas or residence permits are also eligible for mini jobs. Yet, it is recommended that all people should check the visa requirements before employment. Moms and retirees who want to earn some cash for extra spending can also take mini jobs in Germany.

What Is the Link Between Mini Jobs and Social Contribution in Germany?

As a result of working a mini job, your income is exempt from many social contributions, including health insurance, unemployment insurance, and long-term care insurance. You may also ask your employer for these exemptions. 

Yet, it is crucial to understand that you are not out of the woods if you are exempted from these contributions. For instance, by law in Germany, it is necessary for every person to have health insurance. So, in a mini job, you may not have to pay the social contribution, but you have to find other options to have health insurance. 

Many mini-jobbers, such as spouses or students, are usually insured by their other family members. But if you are single and working as a mini jobber, you must pay the health insurance separately, especially if this is your sole income.

Where Can You Find a Mini Job in Germany?

It might be possible that by now, you may want to start working as a mini jobber and get your hands on some extra cash. You might still be confused about where to find a mini job. Numerous forums post the openings of mini job positions. 

Another way of finding mini-jobs is LinkedIn. You can also classify the mini jobs according to different professions. For example. You can find a mini job at an architecture firm if you want to get a little experience in that field.

If you want to find private mini jobs such as housekeepers or nannies, you may go to Minijob Zentrale to look for available positions.

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    Having Multiple Mini Jobs or One with A Full-Time Job

    It can be possible that you might get a hand on numerous mini jobs. But you might be confused about whether to take them or not. Well! First, you can take more than one mini job in Germany. But it is important to note that if you take more than one mini job and start earning more than 538 euros or 6456 euros per year, you may lose the benefits of the mini jobber in Germany. You will then be liable to pay social contributions and taxes.

    Mini jobs in Germany offer you versatility. It means you are permitted to take a mini job with a full-time job. You will not be charged any taxes or social secruity contributions to those earnings. Still, informing your employer about your employment is advisable to avoid future complications.

    There is another thing you need to consider if you want to take a mini-job with a full-time job. In Germany, you can only have one mini-job alongside your full-time job. You will be exempted from taxes and social contribution to the earnings of that marginal employment. If you have multiple mini-jobs, all your income will be taken into account for tax liabilities and social contributions.

    A Short Guide for Mini Jobs for Students in Germany

    Suppose you have decided on taking a mini job in Germany as a student and have also checked your visa requirements. Then, here is a short guide for you to help you earn some cash.

    Is it Difficult to Get a Mini Job?

    No, there are numerous websites you can visit online and can apply for the available positions. Some websites include,, jobbö, or You can specify your search as per the type of job you want to get in and the geographical location. If not websites, then you can go to different Facebook groups that post these job vacancies. Some of them are as follows;

    • Mini Jobs Berlin
    • Jobs Berlin-Brandenburg
    • English Jobs Berlin

    The jobs here can range from cleaning to professional help. If there is a job in a restaurant or a bar, then they don't require any prior experience.

    Are There Any Benefits of Taking a Mini Job as a Student?

    The answer is simple. YES! Minijob can give you valuable benefits. If you get in the right mini job, you can have a professional collective from the beginning of your job. You will also be able to make some good contacts to help you in your future employment opportunities. More importantly, you can try out different jobs that can give you insight into a field, thus helping you find your passion. 

    With commitment, you can learn numerous things and get your hand on new knowledge while meeting different people. You can also learn about different working cultures, which can help evaluate different jobs and their prospects.

    Switching From a Mini Job To a Full Time

    If you are planning to stay in Germany, you will eventually have to find full-time employment. You may want to shift your mini job to a full-time job, which is definitely possible. However, it is not always possible if the financial position of your workplace is not stable. If a worker in the restaurant, you work in, is leaving, you might be able to apply for the position. But, if you are working in a company that may not be able to afford another employee, then you will have to look for a job elsewhere. 


    Whether a student or a stay-at-home mother, mini jobs are your best shot at earning some extra amount without total commitment to any job. If you are looking forward to taking the next step in your career, then a mini job is the best way to kick start your career. Either way, having a good source of extra pocket money can help you buy new accessories in Germany, or you can save some as Germans do.

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