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Defining the term, a job interview is a sort of professional conversation between a job applicant and an interviewer, representing the company. It is an analysing meeting to finalize the decision of hiring a worthy candidate out of many applicants for a vacant opportunity in the company.

If you have got a job interview call from a German employer, for a job you have applied for, you deserve a felicitation first. It is hopefully going to be the first step on your way to a bright welcoming future.

Everyone knows, it is not a piece of cake to get an interview call from a German employer. You must have hammered away in academics, searching for a credential hiring company, and applying for the vacancy by maintaining an attractively inspiring Resume. So, it is equally important for you to get prepare for this job interview in Germany as best as you can. We are here to guide you for the purpose.

What are some commonly asked questions by employers/interviewers in a Job Interview in Germany and how to answer them?

Some commonly asked questions by an interviewer in a job interview in Germany are:

Erzählen Sie uns etwas über sich selbst! (Tell me, about yourself)

Usually, the interviewer starts the questioning session, while asking about you. You must need to practice these answers, after getting an interview call.  Speak about yourself briefly. Don’t go into the details of your experiences. Tell about yourself briefly and appropriately. It’s your timeslot to inspire the interviewer.

Foreground the information like:

  • Your name and qualification
  • The place and institution you get your qualification from
  • Your work experience
  • Share other work-related exposure
  • Your arrival in Germany
  • Your interest in the interviewing company
  • You can use the given tool like a board or beamer to elaborate your words
  • Keep the supporting documents handy while sharing the information with the interviewer. He/she can ask for any documentary evidence to recheck your claim.

Was wissen Sie über unsere Firma? Warum wollen Sie in unserer Firma arbeiten? (What do you know about our company and why do you want to work for it?)

Delineate your answer to this question, with prior research about the company/organization. The interviewer can be emboldened to hire you if you show your knowledge and praises about the employing company. Share your research about the job post. You can get information about the employer on websites, social media, news, etc.

Was war die größte Herausforderung Ihres Lebens? (Greatest challenge in your life)

Like any other interviewer, German recruiters also like to hear about your work-related challenges and success stories. Highlight your experiences, related to the job post to perfectly answer this question.

Worin liegen Ihre Schwächen? Wie gehen Sie mit Niederlagen um? (How do you handle failure and what are your weaknesses?)

The question about failures in any scenario is usually asked to evaluate your reactions and behaviors in negative situations. German recruiters want to know about how a candidate front on to and handle a failure.

There is a tip by professionals that never forget to reveal and manifest your acceptance, calmness, positivity, and failure-managing skills while answering this question.

Worin liegen Ihre Stärken? (What are your strengths?)

Answer this question by highlighting your working and behavioral skills relevant to the job, you are getting interviewed for.

Wieviel wollen Sie bei uns verdienen? (What is your salary expectation?)

Always research the salary levels offered by the company before appearing in a job interview in Germany. It is a question usually asked by every recruiter.

You can search about that on information platforms like:


Wo sehen Sie sich selbst in 5 Jahren? (In 5 years, where do you see yourself?)

This question is asked to know about your plans regarding your future. The purpose is to judge the personality of a candidate because a candidate who is willing for a bright future will work enthusiastically in the provided opportunity.

What is assessed in a job interview in Germany?

In the first place, you need to know what is going to be assessed in the job interview. An interview is not only an assessment of the academic grades or skills of an applicant. There are a few other aspects that are going to be anticipated by the interviewer, and to nail the job interview in Germany, you are obligated to prepare for all of those…!!

    German Language

    Although, the German language is not a compulsory requirement for every job position in Germany, but in some cases like, for Ausbilding interviews in Germany it is important to at least have A2-B2 level skills in speaking the German language. If speaking and understanding the German language is a requirement, mentioned by employing company, you need to prepare for that, it is usually assessed during the interview.

    Work Experience and Exposure

    Above everything, you need to qualify for the position you have applied for. After that, the interviewer will analyze your work experience. He is going to judge the skills and technicalities you have learned through your experience and work exposure, by asking smartly the different work and your field related questions.

    Your Interest in the job

    The interviewer usually analyses how much this job is important for the candidate. Your preparation and your attitude during the job interview, towards the job say it all.

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    Your Appearance

    Your attire while first time appearing for a job interview is your first impression on an interviewer, and a wise man has said that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. So avail the chance, sensibly. You should search about the dress code of the company to dress accordingly while appearing for the job interview in Germany.

    Creating A Retirement Plan

    Many people choose to build a more complicated retirement plan with components from pillars one, two, and three rather than relying only on one of them. This can be assisted by a financial advisor in Germany, who will ensure that you maximize all incentives. It is important to have a good pension plan that suits you as these play a huge role in your life. It is very vital to get a great pension plan as the state of your retirement depends on this.

    Your Personality

    While appearing for any job interview, you should showcase your personality as admirable as gold. Other than your attire, you should behave nicely, be cooperative, be educated with greeting ethics, and with a positive smile on your face. Behaving friendly with an energetic spark in your eyes can brighten up your personality and can be a plus point for you to get your dream job.

    What is a job interview scenario in Germany?

    The interviewing method in Germany is almost the same as in any other place. Candidate has to appear at least 10-15 minutes before the given time. You should sit with a positive attitude and wait patiently for your call. While appearing for an interview, any candidate could not know beforehand how much time he/she is going to hold for waiting.

     In the candidate evaluation, the same elements are considered and observed. Being on time, dressing appropriately, and bringing essential documents are primarily undeniably important tasks, for appearing in a job interview in Germany.

    Greetings and Welcome

    An assigned interviewer will approach you in the interview room or conference room. There can be a group of 3 or more interviewers for evaluation from different departments, depending upon the position you are willing to be employed in.

    Remember, Greet with confidence…!! In Germany, shaking hands for greetings is not commonly practiced. As a candidate, you should wait for the interviewer to make an attempt for shaking hands as greetings. In other cases, passing a welcoming smile or a simple “Hello” or “Good morning” with eye contact will be okay and ice-breaking.  

    For a start, the interviewer would ask simple questions like “How are you doing?” or “Hope you have managed to find your way to the place easily?” etc. Some companies in Germany, commonly offer a drink to candidates before starting an interview, it is obviously inappropriate to deny the offer. But you should choose the non-alcoholic one.

    Introduction to the Company and the Vacant Position

    The interviewer will say a few words about the company and the vacant position. Listen with agreeably attentive gestures. Show a keen interest and don’t ask questions at the start of the interview.

    Show your Interest in the Job

    Every employer traditionally asks a question from candidate, “Why you are interested in this job?” They can also ask about why you are leaving the previous company, your Job role, and your experiences. Prepare your responses to this question and answer discerningly. Divert your answer to show your desirous interest to work in their company.

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    Ask Questions from the Employer

    You are allowed to ask the relevant questions from an employer in the end. The questions can be about your duties and responsibilities. You can also ask about what is the expectation of the hiring company from the potential candidate.

    Mention some Dos and Don’ts for a Job Interview in Germany.

    As a foreigner appearing for a job interview in Germany, you need to consider some aspects before time. Due to some cultural differences, a potential candidate is supposed to follow and avoid some particulars.

    Points to follow:

    • Be on time..!! Germans are very punctual and conscientious. Show up at least 10 minutes before the given time.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Politely greet in Formal German phrases, you can say “Fruet mich” with a smile on your face.
    • Prepare your answers; you can d mirror work to prepare yourself to answer the questions more attractively.
    • Research about the employer company and also the interviewer, if you know who is going to conduct your interview.
    • Get prepared to answer questions about your personal life like financial status, relationship status, and future plans. You already know, these questions are a part of every interview.
    • Search about your visa requirements, and know the things before, like how many hours you can work.
    • Know your worth..!! As it has mentioned before in the article, you have to answer the salary question. Keep your eligibility in mind and tell the digits accordingly.

    Points to Avoid

    • The offer to shake hands with the interviewer, if he/she has not attempted to do so. It is not a gesture admired by everyone in Job interviews in Germany.
    • Use of informal German phrases while greeting. Learn formal German phrases and the welcoming gestures of Germans, before appearing in a job interview in Germany.
    • Avoid a detailed answer while telling about yourself. Be precise and answer relevantly.
    • The inappropriate dressing is disliked in German companies. Know about the dress code of the company and be prepared.

    Bottom Line

    A Job interview decides whether you are eligible or not for the given opportunity. You need to prepare yourself excellently. We have outlined some of the most important descriptions you need to know before appearing for a job interview in Germany. Get prepared and Ace the task..!! Grab the chance by preparing yourself as the most competent, eligible, and appropriately suitable candidate for the employing German company.

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