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The economy of Germany is prosperous, with the lowest unemployment rates throughout Europe.  We all know, Germany is recognized for its excellent educational system as well. It makes it an ideal destination for job-seekers and students wanting to boom their careers, not only from European countries but from all over the world. Ausbildung in Germany is a highly competitive professional training program, that offers bright prospects for learners.

What is Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung or Duale Ausbildung in Germany is a vocational training program or apprenticeship. It is an emerging educational system that is a combination of theoretical learning and practical training, according to the profession of the applicant. Ausbildung opens the chances for permanent employment in the field an Auszubildende or Azubi (under-training employee) is getting trained.

Let’s understand what is the vocational training program. About 30-40% of the program is covered by theoretical learning in a professional school or training college (Berufschule). Along with theoretical learning, you have to practically apply the knowledge and skills in the company that has hired you for the Ausbildung in Germany. It is the practical implementation of the theory you have learned in professional school. Get practical! the work in the company is an actual way to learn, from your boss and with colleagues. It is going to open the doors of opportunities for your bright future.

 Now, it’s clear what Ausbildung in Germany, actually is..!! There must be many questions arising in your head, about other particulars and details related to the program. Let’s discuss the other prospects of Ausbildung in Germany.

Are foreigners, eligible to apply for Ausbildung in Germany?

For vocational training in Germany (Ausbildung), an under-training employee (Azubi or Auszubildende) can be from any country from all over the world.

What are the benefits of Ausbildung in Germany?

  • Monthly salary/stipend (Vergutung): in Duale Ausbildung which includes school learning and professional training, you are going to get a monthly salary with some other incentives.  What a fine reimbursement offered by a program that is free of cost..!!
  • German-qualified skilled worker:  After the completion of training, the foreign trainee or applicant is titled as a German-qualified skilled worker. German skilled workers are eminently in-demand and can get excellent career opportunities in Germany and in other countries, worldwide.
  • Permanent Residence in Germany: As a qualified skilled worker, if you meet some other required criteria, you can eligibly apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.
  • German company employment: As an Azubi (under-training employee) you are employed by a German company throughout the training period that is conducting your theoretical and practical schooling. It provides you with all the rights and obligations entertained by a German national.
  • Chances to get permanent employment: It can be disturbing that there is no Job guaranteed, after the completion of vocational training by the employer, but good performance during Ausbildung in Germany can serve as a window of opportunities for you. Your training company or any other more reputed company can definitely hire a German-qualified skilled worker with a good profile.

Steps to get into the Ausbildung in Germany

  • Plan your way to success cleverly..!! First of all, you need to decide on the field you’re interested in. Think and take an appropriately suitable decision for yourself. There are many options like Law, Business, IT, Healthcare, Social Services, Engineering, etc.
  • Learn the German language:  It is a mandatory requirement for getting into Ausbildung in Germany.
  • Now, start finding and researching the employer company hiring for Ausbildung in Germany. Research for available offers in the German private or public sector. Your research is dependent on the field you are interested in.
  • Keep searching and applying for well-reputed and good hiring companies in Germany. Get complete details through internet social media or other resources.
  • Get your all document prepared. Make sure to accomplish the required recognition of your documents from your home country.
  • Attend welcoming interviews with employers/companies.
  • After receiving an appropriate offer, ask for a training contract and/or confirmation letter to apply for a visa.

What is the duration of Ausbildung in Germany?

The duration of dual Ausbildung (theoretical schooling and practical training) is about 2 to 4 years.

The duration of Ausbildung in Germany depends upon:

  • Training periods for different skills required different durations.
  • Training duration can be made shorter if you have a related degree before applying for the Ausbildung in Germany.
  • The excellent performance and grades in the first year of Ausbildung in Germany can help you apply for making the duration shorter. You have to discuss it with your employer if you are having an outstanding performance.

When I can apply for Ausbildung in Germany?

As an applicant, you need to know the proper time for submitting the application to employing company for an apprenticeship. Officially, every year the Ausbildung in Germany starts on the 1st of August.  So, being an applicant for Ausbildung in Germany 2023, you should start applying in October-November 2022.

What is the Cost of Ausbildung in Germany?

The outstanding educational system in Germany offers free education. Likewise, the Ausbildung in Germany is also free of cost. As an applicant, you don’t have to pay any tuition fee throughout the duration of the program.

There is more.!  Not only, you are going to get a monthly stipend/salary from your employer but some companies offer other incentives like travel and food allowances. It depends on your employment company. An Azubi (apprentice) is sometimes allowed to get some part-time work or side jobs to earn extra income on weekends.

How much I can Earn during Ausbildung in Germany?

The training allowances (Vergutung) range from 650-1300 EUR per month.

Earning or salary of Ausbildung depends upon:

  • Profession: The apprentice in different professions has related different salaries. There is no fixed amount for all under-training Azubi.
  • State to state (Bundeslander): The companies in different states in Germany offer different stipends.
  • Industry: An apprentice working in a big industry gets more salary as compared to one working in a smaller one.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for being an applicant in Ausbildung in Germany?

The mandatory requirements to apply in Ausbildung in Germany are:

  • German language: As an applicant, you must speak the German language at least A2-B1 level. For nursing care training, an applicant needs to have B2 level command in speaking the German language.
  • Education: European applicant is required to have finished 9-10 years (middle school) of education. For non-Europeans, at least 12 years (senior secondary) of education is mandatory.
  • Skills: For the technical profession, an applicant needs to have good computer skills and mathematics grades.

Does the Vocational Training Program Demand Any Professional Experience?

The Ausbildung in Germany does not demand any prior professional experience from any applicant. Everything a skilled worker needs to be learned will be taught in the program.

For Ausbildung application in Germany, is any language certification required?

The answer is NO..!! They have made it much easier for an applicant. There is no language certification is required from any selected institution. But your command of the German language will be evaluated in the interviews and visa application.

What documents are required for applying to the Ausbildung program in Germany?

  • Curriculum Vitae: you need to prepare an up-to-date, brief CV, which includes all of your educational and professional histories
  • Cover Letter: an inspiring cover letter to elaborate your purposeful thoughts to the employer.
  • Work experience evidence: If you have any work experience mentioned in the CV, prepare the experience certificate with recognition or attestation from related authorities.
  • Educational documents: Make sure to attest your all school certificates, diplomas, and degree from a notary public or any other related authority.
  • German-translated documents: Some hiring companies for Ausbildung in Germany, ask you to provide German-translated and attested versions of your educational documents. You need to have that

What are the requirements, for applying for a visa for Ausbildung in Germany?

  • Job letter: Confirmation letter from hiring German company.
  • Financial sufficiency: You have to maintain the living cost in Germany until you start receiving the monthly remuneration for your vocational training in Germany.
  • Valid health insurance: You need to have valid health insurance in Germany before your training period gets started.

Bottom Line

The Ausbuildung in Germany is a well-known and internationally recognized vocational training program that can help you gain theoretical knowledge and its professional implementation. It can contrive you into a more competent, skilled, and trained professional. You can gain a good career in reputed German and other companies worldwide.  But, it is very important to acquire culminated guidance and auspice before taking a major step. Make sure to search and get an update about every possible detail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ausbildung in Germany recognized in other countries?

Yes, the educational system of Germany is highly recognized globally. A professional diploma from Germany is valued in all other countries.

Is Ausbildung a degee?

No, it is not a degree. It is a professional skill certification/diploma along with work experience.

Can my family join me during Ausbildung in Germany?

It is possible. Many employers allow and support that. But you need to know about other requirements and consequences of the process.

What are the possibilities to get hired for Ausbildung in Germany?

The chances are high to get hired in Ausbildung in Germany. 500,000 positions for Ausbildung are opened yearly. Applicants from all over the world have positive prospects to get a chance.

How many professions are eligible for vocational training?

In Germany, around 300 plus professions required skills training.

Is there any age limitation for applicants in Ausbildung in Germany?

There is no age limitation for an applicant in Ausbildung in Germany, but ages between 16-30 years are considered good for being an applicant in the training program.

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