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Living in Germany, you will probably learn the German language soon. It is the best and the easiest way to learn any language. If you have the opportunity to move to Germany or want to improve your curriculum vitae, you can learn German through an app. You can also use these learning apps even if you already live in Germany. These apps give you more support daily and can boost your confidence to live a better and more confident life in Germany.

Why learn the German Language

Learning the German language offers several benefits to people living in Germany or out of Germany. These benefits include;

  • Learning German opens the door to economic powers.
  • Provide students with access to top-ranked universities in the world
  • Gives opportunity to business professionals to expand their services in Germany
  • German is an easy language for native English speakers because 60% of the vocabulary is the same in both languages
  • Education is economical in Germany
  • Most commonly and widely spoken language in Europe

Can You Choose Two Different Apps to Learn German?

Every person has different learning capabilities. Few can easily learn through reading or writing a language, but others learn better by listening and speaking. Most people can read and understand a language more than they can write or speak because writing and speaking a new language requires some skills. Reading and listening are comparatively easy.

Once you know how to read, write, listen, and speak, you are fully mastering the language you were trying to learn. Some apps focus on all four areas of learning a new language, while others only focus on one or two areas. You can choose one or more apps to learn German according to your understanding level and ease.

Best Free / Paid Apps to Learn the German Language

There are apps where you can learn a language easily and build your strengths in a new language. Once you learn the German language, you will have apps to work on the areas in which you are weak. Please choose two or more apps to learn a language in a better way. Later, you can finalize one or two apps that suit you best in learning.

There are hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps that can provide you support to learn German. Here is the list of apps available on the Google Play Store and iOS.

ApplicationShort DescriptionGerman LevelPaid or Free
MemriseQuick learning platform and improves vocabularyBeginnerFree
DropsBest for visual learners to improve vocabularyBeginnerFree
BabbelTrain all skills including business GermanIntermediate or AdvancedFree
YablaLearning by watching interactive videosIntermediate or AdvancedFree
PreplyConnects language learners with tutorsAll levelsFree / Paid
Mosa LinguaPersonalized study platform with flashcardsAll levelsPaid
Der Die DasLearning of three German articlesIntermediate or AdvancedFree
BasuuSocial network with personalized feedbackBeginner or IntermediateFree
PimsleurOffers five levels of learning GermanIntermediate or AdvancedPaid
LingopieLearning through video-based TV showsIntermediate or AdvancedPaid
TandemConnect with other Tandem userIntermediate or AdvancedFree

Important Instructions

While learning German through an app, you must look for the progress you are making daily. If you think you are not getting benefits and not improving with every passing day, you must carefully consider the app you have chosen for your learning process. Choose an app that gives you fun during your learning process, so your motivation level allows you to continue the learning process.

These apps offer both free and paid versions. Detailed information about these apps is given below;


Memrise is a vocabulary improvement app that offers its users much more. This app is built on the repetition scenario of words and phrases so you may never forget them. With the repetition of words and phrases, your memory will remember them and improve with time.

Memrise Top App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Memrise

  • There are colorful flashcards that make learning more fun and enjoyable.
  • The video clips in this app improve the listening skills of its users.
  • It not only teaches the single words but phrases too.
  • There are seven different levels for users of different stages in this app.
  • This app has multiple courses that you can choose according to your interests.
  • The app provides help in pronunciation as there are native speakers who pronounce the vocabulary words with the correct accent.
  • Lessons are planned on real-life situations like ordering food in a restaurant, buying a travel ticket, or paying a bill in a shopping mall.

⛔ Cons of Memrise

  • This app only provides help in the study and does not make students fluent in German.
  • There is no focus on speaking skills and grammar.
  • You must learn German with a combination of other apps as this app alone is not sufficient.
  • App is not suitable for professional and advanced learners.
  • Most of the lessons are only for beginners.


This app offers both free and paid versions. The paid version of this app starts from Euros 8.99 each month. The basic free version provides limited features and content, but the premium version provides access to enhanced features and more content.


Drops is an app that focuses on vocabulary and offers to learn through visualization. In this app, the user will match the given word with the relevant image, making learning easy and the process fun.

Drops Best App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Drops

  • Learners find it easy to remember the words while linking them with the images.
  • This app reminds the user to study for at least five minutes daily.
  • Users can get online access and give listening tests anytime.
  • The interface of the app is so attractive and good.
  • There are fun and relaxing games for learners.
  • The app is simple, understandable, and easy to use for the learners.
  • The lessons are easy to include in your daily routine along with other day-to-day tasks.
  • The app has lessons designed on various real-life topics like food, travel, work, and shopping.
  • Lessons are easy to learn because of the mixed learning methodology of audio, text, and pictures.

Cons of Drops

  • Users cannot improve their grammar and speaking as the app only focuses on phrases and vocabulary.
  • You cannot learn full German through this app.
  • Few pictures are too complicated that users and learners cannot match them with the given words.
  • There are specific games (no varieties)


The app offers a five minutes play time with the free version of this app. You can get a premium version, too, in which users can play for an unlimited period. The premium version of this app starts at Euro 5 per month.


This app is specifically for professionals and asks for quizzes before you register yourself for a course. The app tries to know your level through their quizzes and tests and registers you in a more suitable course. The app has a trainer with whom you can practice your course and speak the German language anytime. You can improve your accent and speech with the help of an assigned trainer.

Babbel has introduced their live classes at the end of 2021, making them more interactive and interesting for sincere learners.

Babbel Popular App to Learn German with pros and cons

Pros of Babbel

  • The app offers the best experience to their most advanced learners by providing them with a business German language course.
  • Business professionals meet their business goals and objectives with the help of this app.
  • There is speech recognition technology in this app.
  • Repetition methodology in this app helps to remember the words and phrases.
  • The apps provide a detailed explanation of grammar in the practice exercises.
  • Exercises and lessons focus on grammar, speaking skills, reading, writing, and listening.
  • This app offers live classes and has 8 participants in one class that make them able to learn more.

⛔ Cons of Babbel

  • The major drawback of this app is that it doesn’t allow the learners to interact with the trainers and teachers. Learners cannot have conversations with the other learners to improve their conversation skills.
  • Most exercises in this app focus on phrases rather than vocabulary.
  • The app provides no facility for the learners to interact with other users, trainers, and learners.


This app offers free and paid versions starting from 8 Euros per month.


Yabla is an app that lets its users learn German through video sessions. You choose videos according to your interests. There are several topics and different language levels.

Yabla Popular App to Learn German with pros and cons

Pros of Yabla

  • The major advantage of this app is that you can slow the video anytime for better understanding and clarity.
  • You can click the word for translation if you do not understand any.
  • You can also add various fun games of your choice to know about your progress.
  • You can download the full transcript of the video for later rehearsals.
  • Subtitles are available both in German and English.
  • There are different kinds of exercises based on multiple-choice questions and writing tasks.
  • Videos are full of engaging and attractive content for the learners.
  • Videos are available according to the difficulty level so the learners can choose one suitable to their level.

Cons of Yabla

  • One of the major drawbacks of this app is that some videos are too old that might not be of your interest.
  • Lessons are not planned and structured properly
  • The app is difficult for beginners who want and need more guidance.
  • The design of the website is old and doesn’t seem interesting and attractive as compared to the other apps.
  • App has no focus on the speaking skills of the learners.


This app offers a 15-day free trial to the users. The paid version starts from 11.95 Euros per month.


Preply is an app that connects language learners with tutors through video calls. You can choose a tutor per your needs, requirements, country of origin, specialty, coaching prices, and timings. This all varies for each tutor. If your tutor is from Germany, you will have to pay between 20 to 50 Euros for their charges.

preply Best App to Learn German with pros and cons

Pros of Preply

  • When you select a tutor, you can have a trial lesson to decide your timings, duration of the lesson, and prices.
  • You can change your tutor anytime and ask for a refund if you are not making any progress in your language learning process.

Cons of Preply

  • Lesson packages are limited
  • Placement test is not like by all learners



Millions of users use this app for language learning. 

mosalungua Best App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of This App

  • It provides its users with an easy, quick, and affordable way to learn the language.
  • Users can get expert guidance and advice with the use of this app.
  • They have a team of 30 experts from different nationalities.
  • The app is user-friendly and provides easy access to the content and features.
  • The repetition methodology of this app enables learners to remember the content given on the flashcards.
  • Premium version of this app offers advanced features like e-books, short stories, videos, German music, and audiobooks.
  • They have well-structured lessons for ease and quick learning of the students and learners.

Cons of This App

  • The design and interface of the app is not fancy and attractive as compared to the other competitor apps.
  • The premium version of this app focuses on listening, grammar, and vocabulary improvement.
  • There are a number of programs for learners that make the beginners a bit confused in the selection of the best and most suitable program to subscribe.


Der Die Das 

If you have a goal to learn the three German articles, then you would love to sign up on this app.

derdiedas app Best App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of the App

  • The app’s design is very simple, and users find it easy to use this simply because of the user-friendly interface.
  • You can search for words you might find difficult and want to repeat.
  • You can learn the basic rules of the articles.
  • You may also learn about the use of each article but cannot find the examples for more clarity and easy understanding.

⛔ Cons of the App

  • There is no translation of complicated words.
  • Plural words are missing.
  • There are so many ads in this app and learners must have to pay if they want an ad-free version of the app.


This app is completely free for its users.


This is a detailed app that focuses both on grammar and vocabulary. It includes writing, speaking, and listening exercises. It only requires 5 to 20 minutes a day. A native German speaker will check your spoken and written exercises right after submitting them.

Bussu Popular App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Basuu

  • The app is designed in a real-life conversation style
  • Learners can get real feedback from native German speakers for their writing and speaking practice exercises.
  • Learners can improve their grammar and vocabulary with the exercises bases on fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, and puzzles.
  • Learners have option to choose lessons and exercises based on various topics.
  • Learners can access their level through the test.
  • App offers live classes.
  • Interface of this app is user-friendly, attractive, and simple.
  • You can get a progress report to know about the number of new words you have learned.

Cons of Basuu

  • Basuu doesn’t offer to learn through entertaining games like competitor apps.
  • There are fewer grammar explanations as compared to the other apps
  • There are no fun and amazing games to make learning more interesting.
  • Few exercises do not have explanations for wrong answers.
  • There are a few exercises that have no translation to the content.


It is a free app in which you first give an assessment test of almost 10 minutes to know your level and then get access to the exercises.

Premium plus version is also available in which you can plan your study according to your plan and with ease. You can download all lessons for repetition through the premium plus version of this app. The cost of the premium plus version is around 6.66 Euros.


This audio app offers only five levels of the German language. This app has 80 hours of listening courses and exercises. One lesson in this app is 30 minutes only. As this is an audio app, you do not need to write words. You only have to listen and repeat them to complete an exercise during the language learning process.

Pimsleur Popular App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Pimsleur

  • This app is great for users who want to improve their listening and speaking.
  • This app makes you able to focus on the grammar and the vocabulary.
  • Few students have compared the course material with the other latest apps and mentioned that this app’s course material is outdated.
  • The dashboard of this app is up to date and modern.
  • The interface of the app is user friendly, easy, and simple.

Cons of Pimsleur

  • The app is expansive as compared to the other apps.
  • Reading practice exercise are limited.


This app offers only one free lesson. After the first lesson, users have to pay 21,99 Euros monthly.


This is also a video-based app to learn German but doesn’t have old videos. It has a huge collection of TV shows, real-life videos, and movies. This gives the best experience, just like Netflix. You can spend your free time watching videos on the Lingopie app rather than on Netflix.

Lingopie Top App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Lingopie

  • This app is for all stages, and you can select play speed according to your understanding level.
  • It is up to you that you watch videos with either English subtitles or German.
  • You can mark words to save them on flashcards to memorize and repeat them even after the video ends.
  • This app is available on desktop, Apple, and Google Play stores.
  • Thousands of TV shows are available for suitable selection by learners.
  • The app provides access to various languages.

Cons of Lingopie

  • Latest, familiar, and popular shows are missing.
  • There are fewer opportunities to speak.


There is a 7-day free trial, and the paid version starts from 10.89 Euros per month.


This unique app doesn’t provide you with the exercises and the courses for the language learning process. It connects you to another Tandem user, usually a native German speaker. You have to set up your profile on the app and find a suitable language partner according to your interests, location, and language level. 

Tandem Top App to Learn German with pros and cons

✅ Pros of Tandem

  • You can interact with other users through chat, live messages, and video calls.
  • You can have conversations with real people through this app. This gives you more confidence in the learning process and reduces fears.
  • You can teach your native language to the other user similarly.
  • The app offers translation and spell-checks tools for quick and fast learning.

Cons of Tandem

  • This app is not recommended for beginners but offers the best services to professional and advanced learners who wish to improve their fluency and speech with the help of native speakers.
  • Lesson plans are not well structured so learners have to check other apps too.
  • Premium version of this app is a bit expensive.


This app is free, and if you want to be a tutor, you must have the paid version.


So, this is it! Now you know the language learning apps that are amazing to use. You can learn a language anytime by registering yourself. You might find yourself uncomfortable with a few apps, so it would be best if you choose an app according to your need, level, and choice for maximum output and progress.

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