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If you have landed on this page, you have probably scheduled visiting a furniture store or market in the coming days. Luckily, you are at the right place. Before buying or visiting a furniture market in Germany, better save up sometime and go through this guide. We promise you won’t regret it.

In the guide mentioned below, we have enough knowledge to let you know about shopping furniture, recommended stores and the German vocabulary. We have also penned down a few tips about what to do with your worn-off sofa.

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When to Shop for Furniture in Germany

The first important thing about buying furniture in Germany is when to do it. On Sundays, furniture stores don’t operate just like grocery stores. It means that these places are fully packed on Saturdays. It is better to shop during weekdays but that is not always an ideal option always. There are a few shopping Sundays (Verkaufsoffene Sonntage) but they are just as packed as regular Saturdays.

If we are speaking about the large brands in the market, they are designed with precise strategy that makes you walk through all the different areas. This way, you end up doing impulse buying.

An important suggestion while going to do furniture shopping is to take a car along. Usually, the large stores are not located in the city center. So, the transportation of your bed set on a train can be really painful.

Thankfully, most of the leading retailers in the furniture industry now have online stores as well. The prices and offers are the same as offline stores. Due to COVID pandemic, many furniture giants have taken this leap of shifting their business to online portals.

Where to Shop for Furniture in Germany


IKEA is a renowned brand loved by all people across the world. Both for their price-friendly furniture and famous hot dogs. IKEA is operating at least one outlet in all the major cities of Germany. If you are living in Munich or Berlin, there is an IKEA store in all key neighborhoods.

Though their outlets are close to public transportation, it is recommended to take along your car there. But rather than getting occupied in that store full of crowd, you can simply order online sitting at your couch at home.

ikea buying furniture in Germany

Yeah, IKEA Germany now offers all the items at your doorstep. The only drawback with online shopping is the experience of their famous hot dogs which is a quite a ritual for all the people visiting there.

The online store of IKEA offers variety of payment methods like Credit Card, EC Card and PayPal. IKEA is one of the favorite online stores at the moment because of their same pricing structure for both offline and online.


The best alternative to visiting a furniture store and spending hours of searching for the product of your liking is to head straight to online platform like Home24.

Before IKEA, Home24 was the largest online furniture store in Germany. So, if you are visiting any friend of yours in Germany, you are likely to identify all the items of furniture from either of these stores.

home24 buying furniture in Germany
For people interested in more unique and high-quality design furniture, Home24 is the go-to place.

At Home24, some of the benefits of shopping there includes:

  • Time-saving as you will order sitting at home
  • Hassle-free experience as the company will deliver the furniture at your place
  • No on-site salesman convincing you to buy something you don’t like. This gives you ample time to select item of your choice
  • Excellent deals and offers available online

And the icing on the cake, Home24 offers free delivery. What if you don’t like what you purchased? Simple. Return it to them. Good, no?

There isn’t any reason visible for why you shouldn’t go buying furniture at Home24.

Fashion for Home

Just like IKEA and Home24, there is another competitor of online furniture store in market, which is Fashion for Home. They offer huge variety of furniture and accessories. If you happen to have a bit more expensive taste, this might be the right place to shop for your dream house.

In terms of quality, the online store is exceptional. The platform’s furniture is made to order. Hence, make sure you check the delivery time of your selected furniture items as they will be built only after you make a purchase.

Other German Furniture Stores

If online shopping is not for you, there are still plenty of options to choose from. You can check out famous furniture stores located in Germany.

Poco Domäne

If you want to have unique and different furniture but don’t find yourself willing to spend a hefty amount, Poco Domäne is the best choice for your kind of customer. The pricing of Poco Domäne is similar to IKEA but there is a considerably low chance that your home looks exactly like your neighbor’s.

Poco Domane buying furniture in Germany


This Höffner furniture store is spread across all of Germany. They have a good number of items available for different customer tastes. The pricing, too, is quite considerable. They offer good quality furniture with attractive deals.

Mobel Hoffner buying furniture in Germany


The name XXXLutz might sound a bit shady but this place is actually one of the largest retailers in the furniture market. If you happen to come across a giant red chair, there is a huge possibility that it’s one of their famous XXXL chairs next to furniture stores of them.

XXXLutz buying furniture in Germany


Old name of JYSK was Dänisches Bettenlager. This furniture store is more high-quality and unique as compared to IKEA.

Online shopping is prevailing all around Germany now. All of the above-mentioned furniture stores now provide online catalogs for customers. They also provide options for installment payments. If you are looking for second-hand items, you can go try out eBay Kleinanzeigen.  

Another alternative for buying furniture is social media. There are a number of groups operational on Facebook where you can easily buy and sell your stuff.

JYSK buying furniture in Germany

Buying Used Furniture at Flea markets (Flohmarket) in Germany

One more way of buying offline furniture is searching through all flea markets in Germany. Flea markets are surprisingly an excellent place to look for vintage furniture at cheap rates. There are many sellers starting from sweet aged lady to professional sellers. Bargaining at these places is possible, but don’t expect hefty discounts. Also, items are usually not price tagged at these places.

Make sure that you have a thorough check on the item you are likely to purchase. Once you have bought the item, you cannot return it.

Buying Furniture in Germany – Offline or Online?

Though it depends highly on your personal preference, buying furniture through online platforms is the real game at this time.

in the traditional furniture stores, you have to spend an entire day buying something. It is better to browse different websites like Home24 or IKEA and allow your desired furniture items be delivered to you.

If asking for our recommendation, there is no single reason why we should suggest you to go visit an offline furniture store. With that being said, going to IKEA for their famous hotdogs still stands as an exception.

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Furniture Delivery in Germany

Most of the companies provide delivery (lieferung) to their customers, but for a price. Please note that these companies usually don’t provide immediate deliveries. At times, you can be asked to wait for weeks or even months for your items to arrive.

If you want to get your items home at a low cost, ideal choice would be a Möbel-Taxi. These vehicles are usually waiting in the parking lots of these furniture stores. You can find them easily on weekends, ready to carry your world on their shoulders.

Also, you can rent out a vehicle if you want to deliver the goods on your own. DriveNow is one option for this which allows car shares. One of the price-friendly places is Robben & Wientjes who offer English support. They do accept foreign driver license. But make sure to make a reservation in advance.

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After reading this guide, you know what choices you have when you need to buy furniture for your home sweet home in Germany. If you like to change your furniture after every 3 to 4 years then I would suggest IKEA. 

📢 Important Note: As much as we love sharing insights, it’s crucial to clarify that we’re not experts – just enthusiasts eager to help! 🤓💼 Our recommendations, including any affiliate links, stem from personal experiences, not professional endorsements.

Before taking any steps based on our suggestions, we highly recommend conducting your own thorough research. 🕵️‍♂️📚 Your unique needs and circumstances deserve tailored attention, and we’re here to support you in making informed decisions. Thanks for entrusting us as part of your journey! 🌟🙏

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