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Last Update: Feb 24, 2024 @ 11:07 am

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If you are new to Germany and looking for an online grocery store, this write-up is of great help to you. Now, you do not need to wander around to find an online Indian grocery store in Germany. Enjoy your Indian food in Germany and feel at home with peace and comfort. No doubt that you have packed everything while travelling to Germany, but those items are not enough to survive throughout your stay in Germany. It would be best to visit an Indian or online store to buy things you need to live in Germany. Read it until the end to purchase groceries while staying home easily.

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Why Online Indian Store?

So, the question is why you need an online grocery store. Let's dig out the reasons for buying our groceries online.

  • Only some people are free to get time for shopping, so an online grocery store makes it easy for you to shop for anything you need, and you get desired products at your home.
  • Almost all grocery stores use postal services by DHL, DPD, etc., so you can get Indian groceries across Germany.
  • If you do not have a vehicle, you must bear expenses just for shopping. You can save your travelling costs and get everything from the nearest online grocery store.
  • Shopping online is always convenient, comfortable, and hassle-free.
  • Most local grocery stores have a single payment method which might not be convenient for you, but if you choose an online Indian grocery store, you can pay with a card or other payment options.

Essential Points to Consider While Choosing an Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany

If you are new to Germany and need to buy Indian groceries from an online store, you should know about the essential points before you pick an online Indian grocery store. Look at the critical points below, so you might prefer the best online Indian grocery store to fulfil your needs and requirements. These tips will help you pick the best Indian grocery store in Germany.

Product Quality

First, you must check the product quality, as you would always want to maintain the quality of food you are taking as your diet. Select an online Indian store that sells fresh products and focuses on high-quality products and brands.

Variety of Products

There are a lot of Indian grocery stores, but you must select a store with a wide range of products. This will help you choose your products from one store at once rather than buying from different stores. It will also save your delivery charges on the number of orders you place because of choosing other stores

Customer Service

A good and reliable store focus on the service they are giving to their customers. Excellent customer service usually includes a prompt and quick reply to their client's queries, chat support, a helpline option, easy return, fast delivery, excellent packaging of the groceries, and a good return policy.


Carefully look for the brand names. Select an online Indian grocery store that sells authentic and high-quality products. You can test the authenticity by checking the brands and products and matching them with the products you used in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh.

Customer's Feedback

Remember to read the customer's feedback, which will help you a lot in choosing a store. Checking reviews of an online store is an excellent way to determine the store quality you are selecting. To check reviews and feedback, you can visit the store's website, social media pages, and other review websites. Customer reviews will share their experience, product quality, delivery time, customer service, and other factors that will tell you much about the chosen store.

Deals, Discounts, and Offers

You can occasionally choose a store offering different deals, packages, and discounts. Many stores offer their clients promotional items and great discounts on bulk purchases. A store that provides multiple discount offers and promotions to their customers will save you grocery shopping costs.

User Friendly

Choose a store that has an easy-to-use website. If the store has its application, it must be easy to operate for the clients. The website design should be easy so the clients can easily find their desired products.

Top Online Indian Stores in Germany

So, if you are looking for the best online Indian stores in Germany, here is the list of the top 10 online Indian grocery stores in Germany.

  1. Grocera
  2. Jamoona
  3. Indian store
  4. Dookan
  5. Yogi Mart
  6. MD Store
  7. Get Grocery
  8. Spice Village

Let's discuss each online grocery store to know more about them.


Grocera is an online Indian grocery store in Germany where people can find fresh, packed, and frozen groceries for everyday meals. Grocera was founded in January 2022 by migrants who faced shopping issues in Germany, so they started Grocera for ease of future migrants. No worries if you are looking for rice, vegetables, snacks, juices, or fruits; Grocera is the best online store for you. The store offers excellent services and values its clients as its tagline is “A Taste of Home just a Click Away” and they mean it.

    Grocera Best Indian Strore online in Germany


    Key Features of Grocera

    Here are the main features of Grocera.

    • The most crucial point about Grocera is that they have a wide range of products, and you would enjoy variety while shopping.
    • Customer service is speedy. If you have any queries, you can WhatsApp their customer support number, +49 176 30135775, and you will get a response within minutes.
    • Their prices are very reasonable.
    • Grocera delivers veggies and frozen products, which make them, stand out of the crowd.
    • This store offers same-day delivery to the orders booked by their customers in Munich including Halal Meat
    • For orders from outside Munich, they take 2 to 3 days to deliver the groceries.
    • They have a mobile application that makes grocery shopping convenient for their clients.
    • They ship their products and groceries all across Germany.
    • If the order size is 34.99 euros, then Grocera delivers the products to their clients without any delivery costs.
    • Minimum order size and delivery costs are same for inner and outer Munich except the delivery times i.e same day for inner Munich and 2-3 days for outer Munich customers.
    • Frozen and fresh items are only delivered to Munich, but not to the areas outside Munich.

    Customer's Feedback and Rating

    1. One of the customers shared, “If I miss ordering some items while ordering, I can directly call Grocera to add in my delivery and, of course, quick delivery.”
    2. Another customer gave feedback: “The delivery timelines and different payment options. I have been using it for a while and also recommended a few friends.”
    3. A client said, “The fact that it is possible to order ethnic groceries for someday delivery. I find that extremely convenient, especially considering that we do not have much of a choice to actually go and physically buy these things where my house is.”


    Jamoona is an online Indian store in Germany operating with a mission to provide their clients with exotic food products with a variety and an extensive range. You need lentils, or you need spices; everything is available there. Their quality is amazing as they rely on high-quality brands like TRS, Tilda, Annam, Heer, Daawat, and many more. They get products directly from manufacturers, which enhances their quality. They guarantee their prices are reasonable and low and pass their savings to their customers.

    Jamoona Top Indian Strore online in Germany

    Key Features of Jamoona

    Here are the main features of Jamoona.

    • They are introducing frozen items (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) too, which many other online Indian stores are not offering.
    • They deliver products through DPD and DHL.
    • Shipping is free for orders above 39 Euros in Germany.
    • Their customer support by phone is available in both English and Hindi. If you need customer support in German, email them to their customer support email address.

    Customer's Feedback and Rating

    1. A client gave Jamoona five stars, saying, “Very trustworthy and delivers your goods quickly. In case of any discrepancy, you can always ask for a refund. Once, one of the items was not delivered from the list of ordered items; when asked for the missing item, Jamoona was so kind as to resend the missed item without further investigation and additional charges. Very dedicated to customer service.”
    2. One customer shared, “I am really glad to deal with Jamoona. I am very much satisfied with the orders, product quality, delivery, and price. Jamoona got improved a lot compared to the previous years, especially with rice and Atta products. I hope you guys keep on doing this in the future as well.”
    3. Another client shared, “I also know and like to eat rice. By chance, I came across this dealer with Indian specialties. The rice varieties offered here fully correspond to the description. Price-performance ratio top. You just have to try it.”

    Indian store

    Indian store is a local Indian shop located in Berlin offering an online delivery system too. It is operating as an online superstore for Indians living in Germany. They provide various products for festivals and celebrations, like lentils, beans, millet, spices, snacks, sweets, flour, rice, and many other products. Their mission is to save time and money for their customers while delivering better service and cheaper products at their doorstep. Indian Strore online in Germany

    Key Features of Indian Store

    Here are the main features of the Indian Store.

    • Order size for free shipping is 39 Euros or above within Germany.
    • They offer great discounts (Up to 30% discount on different products) and promotions on their products.
    • They have loyalty and refer friends programs.
    • Indian store offers complimentary products for loyal customers.
    • They have a great range of products (Over 1000+ products).
    • The user interface of their website is straightforward and friendly.
    • They have easy checkout by PayPal.
    • They have high data protection and safety measures and policies.


    One of the fastest-growing online Indian stores, Dookan, serves almost 20 European countries. They have several happy customers due to their best quality products. If you want to enjoy shopping from home without hassle, you can choose Dookan for comfort and ease.

      Dookan Good Indian Strore online in Germany

      Key Features of Dookan

      Here are the main features of Dookan.

      • They have fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, snacks, beverages, and other items like paneer, idli dosa wet batter, personal care, home care, gluten-free, and easy and instant cooking items at reasonable prices.
      • They have 2000+ products for their customers from 250+ brands.
      • Once you confirm your order, you will get your products within 2 to 4 business days.
      • Delivery is free for orders above 39 Euros.
      • It is one of the best online stores for Indians who love to have desi food in their meals.
      • You can shop anytime from anywhere.

      Omni channel solution for their customers, giving both online and offline shopping.

      Customer's Feedback and Rating

      1. They have a lot of happy customers who rated them as an excellent and best online Indian store in Germany. A few of the reviews are mentioned below;
      2. One of the customers from Germany said, “I placed my first order and received it pretty quickly in Germany. The packing was very good and professionally packed, causing no transit damage. The prices are competitive when compared to other online stores.”
      3. Another client from Germany said, “I have recently ordered the products from Dookan, and I live in Munich. I had a great experience with Dookan as delivery was on time and products were good.”
      4. A customer from Hungary said, “One of the best Indian grocery stores with an online shipping facility: very nice customer service and fast and reliable delivery. I ordered from Hungary and got delivered in 3 to 4 days. Really nice work.”

      Yogi Mart

      Yogi Mart is another online Indian store based in Germany. They are delivering their products to several other countries. They were established in 2018 with the motto “the great life at a great place.” Their team is always busy procuring high-quality products and helping their customers. 

      Yogimart indian store in Germany

      Key Features of Yogi Mart

      Here are the main features of Yogi Mart.

      • The minimum order size for free delivery is 29,99 Euros.
      • They also accept offline payment options via cash on delivery in Germany.
      • Advance payment can only be made by bank transfers.
      • Yogi Mart procures their products from high-quality brands and sources.
      • Their return process is entirely hassle-free.
      • Yogi Mart offers amazing prices for all of their customers.
      • They have discounts and promotions from time to time.
      • Their customers can track their orders online with convenience and ease.

      MD Store

      MD store is derived from the signature brand MDS in 2021. They are operating throughout Germany and offering various options for their products. MD store is a great place to shop for grocery products, offering great deals and discounts. They do not only deliver groceries but also deliver beauty products, cook wear, and sports items.

        md store online indian store in Germany

        Key Features of MD Store

        Here are the main features of MS Store.

        • The minimum order size for free shipping is 19 Euros.
        • They sell both local and international fresh fruits at their online store.
        • They offer variations in their packages and products.
        • Fresh vegetables are also available if you want to buy them.

        Customer's Feedback and Rating

        1. One of the customers said, “I ordered for the first time. The goods are super fresh and well packaged. My last supplier was unable to deliver chilis. I can only recommend the MD store.”
        2. Another customer shared, “Arrived well-packed, no waste even though the parcel was in the postal service for an extra day. Will do it again.”
        3. A client said, “They quickly packed the goods. So the package should have arrived in 2 of the issued 2-4 days. But the delivery service couldn't find the place (not the fault of the MD Store!). It was a Friday. So then we only got it on Monday (no delivery on Saturdays). As a result, the Yam was still perfect, but the Plantane was rotten. I took a photo and send an email. Just to inform them, not asking for anything. Within 2 days, I got a personal email saying sorry and a message that they would refund the plantane, which they did within one day. This is a very good customer service! I will buy again”.

        Get Grocery

        It was founded on 1st January 2010 by Raman Gupta, a seasoned IT expert. He studied in Germany and suffered a lot for Indian groceries, so he started an online Indian store in Germany. He started working on a virtual store to get some experience. It is one of the oldest online Indian grocery stores in Germany. They offer quality food products and groceries needed to cook Indian cuisine.

        getgrocery online indian store in Germany

        Key Features of Get Grocery

        Here are the main features of Get Grocery.

        • The store delivers products within two days after the customers place the order.
        • Enjoy free pick-up services across Bruchsal, but the order size must be 15 Euros or above.
        • You will get reward points on each of your shopping orders.
        • They have an easy-to-use website, and the order system is efficient.
        • They have a product range both from India and Pakistan.
        • Orders above 49 Euros have no shipment cost. For orders under 49 Euros, the delivery cost is 5 Euros within Germany.
        • They have special discounts and cash-back options for their customers.
        • Free shipping is available for orders above 49 Euros in Germany.
        • The website is user-friendly, and their clients have shared positive feedback.
        • If you do not want to pay cash when placing your order, you can spend on delivery, but in that case, you must pay 7 Euros extra as the cash on delivery fee.

        Customer's Feedback and Rating

        1. A client shared, “A perfect platform to buy Indian groceries at an affordable rate at the doorstep. Products are well-packed and in excellent condition. Also, many times packages got delivered within 1-2 working days. Thumbs up for your service! All the best.!
        2. Another customer said, “Regular customer for a decade. Reliable, good quality service, excellent choice of a wide range of desi products.”
        3. One of the clients said, “This is my first time ordering, and I definitely will be ordering more and more and more. I ordered on Wednesday, and it arrived today! so excited, have already recommended it to my other friends.”

        Spice Village

        Spice Village is an international supermarket located in Berlin. They have everything you need for your cuisine, including a wide range of Indian and frozen grocery products: rice, vegetables, lentils, spices, snacks, pickles, flour, ghee, and much more. It is located in the heart of the Templehof, where you can connect via bus, train, or car with easy access. No matter if you are a student or a busy worker in Germany, you can get all your groceries online from Spice Village.

          spicevillage online indian store in Germany

          Key Features of Spice Village

          Here are the main features of Spice Village.

          • Free shipping is available for orders above 39.99 Euros in Germany.
          • They have a variety of fresh vegetables which customers can order, fulfilling their meal needs.
          • They offer loyalty points to their customers on each order.
          • Likewise, they offer same-day delivery option in Berlin.
          • Their customer support is available both via email and phone.

          Customer's Feedback and Rating

          1. One of their customers said, “It's one of the best Indian online stores with great quality and fast delivery. It's a one-stop-shop for customers. I highly recommend it!!”
          2. Another client shared, “Best products with competitive price, nice shopping experience every time. All quality products are under one roof.”
          3. A client said, “Really happy to find this supermarket!! Good service and products are also worth it.”

          Indian Supermarket

          Indian Supermarket felt the need for Indian products in Europe and came up with the idea to fill the gap. You can find everything at Indian Supermarket, from festive items to grocery products. They feel and care about their customers. They sell high-quality products and never compromise on their procurement system.

          indiansupermarket online indian store in Germany

          Key Features of Indian Supermarket

          Here are the main features of Indian Supermarket.

          • They have different weekly offers and discount options for their customers.
          • They sell frozen items, fresh vegetables, groceries, occasional items, home decor, kitchenware, and more.
          • They procure their products from well-known brands and manufacturers.
          • The minimum order size for free delivery is 38.99 Euros.
          • Delivery time is usually between 2 and 4 days.

          Customer's Feedback and Rating

          1. One of their customers said, “Highly recommended! Fast shipping, safely packed, reasonable prices, awesome choice of products, the box was not too big for the number of items ordered… Will definitely order again!”
          2. Another client shared the feedback: “Super nice and friendly in the store, lots of interesting things from India!”
          3. A customer said, “Very good stuff. Everything is in one place. The kitchen and the rest of the house are in one place. Very good”

          Local Supermarket

          If you want to know about local supermarkets then there are number of them. Some of them are budget friendly, some of them are only for organic food lovers. So here is detailed guide.

          Link to the Topic
          Best Supermarkets in Germany

          Concluding Remarks

          With technological advancement, the way to shop for groceries is changed significantly. People need more time for such activities and prefer buying everything online. If you are a new Indian to Germany, this list will help you to get your Indian groceries online without any hassle. We hope you will find this article helpful. Happy sharing!

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