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Muslims all around the world choose to eat Halal meat for centuries. While living in Germany, I have often been asked by my non-Muslim friends what is Halal meat. And what is the purpose of Halal meat shops in Germany? The rules for halal meat originated from the Quran and Hadith (the Prophet Muhammad's example). All Muslims should follow these rules. 

We have discussed that eating halal is extremely important to Muslims, even in today's era. However, it is a little difficult to find a good halal meat shop in Germany. You can find halal meat shops comparatively easily in big cities. Moreover, some German shops like Kaufland and Norma also sell halal meat. However, people living in small and remote towns face difficulties in getting halal meat. Therefore, we have presented some best online halal meat shops in Germany in this article. 

 If you get Halal meat along with the organic certification, then this is the best thing. We have also found some Halal shops that are Halal as well as organic. They are a little bit expensive but when we see the benefits of organic meat then the price is fair. Let's look at the best Halal shops in Germany

Why is Halal Certification Needed?

Halal certification is the key element for Muslims to decide whether to buy a product or not. Due to the modern techniques of food processing, it is difficult for Muslims to know from where the meat has come and how the animal was raised and slaughtered. For this reason, Muslim consumers require a certification system that will meet the standards of being halal.

We can think of halal certification as food certification which helps consumers in making decisions about buying the appropriate and certified food.

Online Halal Meat Shops in Germany


The business motive of Yababa is that food delivery should be for everyone. Yababa represents the ethnic groups in the food industry. You can get oriental products from the online supermarket of Yababa. They have a vast range of meat which is entirely Halal and suitable for Muslims who follow the Islamic traditions firmly. Moreover, you can get high-quality and delicious meat from Yababa.

Halal meat yababa in Germany

All the products at Yababa are reasonable, and you can get the grocery at the same day. All you need is to book a time slot. The online shop of Yababa is also available in English for international customers.


Bladi has contacts with breeders who fulfill the meat production regulations. These breeders have also signed the CBPE (Charter of Good Breeding Practices). CBPE is based on European regulations for meat production. They trace and ensure the health of animals on the farm and provide a balanced and healthy diet to them. The purpose of CBPE is to take care the  welfare of animals, humans, and the environment. They keep check on the animal's health, diet and welfare as well as on the safety measures of workers on the farm.

Halal meat bladi in Germany

Bladi packed the meat in iso-pack in order to preserve the freshness of meat. They add cooling packs with packed meat during delivery for temperature regulation. These cold packs are also reusable so that fresh meat is delivered to you sustainably.

The shipping fee for iso-packaging is 14,99 € per 25 kg.

The cold packs can be returned in a shipping box, and you can get free shipping for your next purchase.

Josef´s Bio (Bio and Halal)

Josef´s Bio is not only a butcher shop but it is a complete organization which is based on organic care and breeding of animals. They practice fair trade, sustainability and environmental protection along with the understanding of Halal. The farms of Josef´s Bio are regularly inspected. They care about the quality of the meat as well as the welfare of the animals.

Halal meat organic bio josefsbioin Germany

They focus on the process and husbandry of the animals even before slaughter. There is no genetic engineering or chemical fertilizers in the whole process. This is because halal also includes the responsible treatment of animals before slaughter. 

The minimum order value is 49.90€.


You can get Halal-certified beef, turkey, and calf meat from Kübler. They ensure the Islamic requirements during slaughter and packaging. They make sure that there are no traces of pork or other non-halal meat. Furthermore, they also have a variety of cooked sausages and uncooked sausages, raw sausages, raw hams and cooked chickens.

Halal meat kubler in Germany

Note: This company does not sell the halal meat themselves, but they produce them in bulk quantities for big orders such as restaurants and big events etc. The minimum order that you can place is 50 kg.

Ceylan Fresherei

The entire range of Ceylan Fresherei is Halal and suitable for Muslims. You can enjoy their entire range of delicious meat at a reasonable price.

This store is run by experienced butchers who can cater to all your customized orders. If you are looking for a special kind of meat or you have any questions, you can simply go to their store, and they will give you the best advice and the best meat.

Halal meat ceylanfleischerei Germany

They also sell the grilled sausage, garlic sausage, ham, bockwurst and many special types of sausages. They guarantee you the Halal meat as they know where the meat comes from. Furthermore, they are the best Halal meat sellers in the cities including Herneü, Bochum, Essen, Recklingshausen, herten and Gelsenkirchen.

Grocera (Munich Only)

Grocera is a new Startup in Munich, which offers same-day delivery if you place your order by 16:00. Not only meat, you can buy other regional groceries like flour from Pakistan, Spices from India and Turkish stuff. 

Halal meat grocera in Germany

All the products at Grocera are reasonable, and you can get the grocery at the same day. Their store also have english version and also offer support in English. 

gocera best indian grocery store in Germany



If you live in a big city, then it might not be a problem to buy Halal meat from any store who offers regional groceries. On the other hand, if you live in remote villages in Germany then such online platforms as halal stores are the best way to get halal meat at home. If you think, we missed any store, then let us know by contacting us.

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