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For past several years, Germany’s birth rate fell down to a drastically low point. This was immediately blamed on government as the country lacks massively when it comes to subsidized services of childcare. As of now, things have got better gradually. A new rule has come into place which dictates that every child has the right to attend German preschool after their first birthday. Though, finding a place in a Kinderkrippe in Germany for your child is still full of struggle.

What is Kinderkrippe? 

In other countries, we have nurseries or creches. In Germany, it is Kinderkrippe and it is a daycare center for children of age 1 to 3 years. Usually working mothers in Germany only take parental leave for one year to take off for their newborn. After one year, if they want to join their work then they can send their 1-year-old child to these nurseries in Germany. 

Most of these daycare centers are Private. Due to this, one has to pay for such daycare. If you are a registered catholic and also pay Church tax, then you can also look for a nursery, which is run by the church. Sometimes, you can also find local kinderkrippe which is state-owned but it all depends upon your area of residence.

Why kinderkrippe (Cresche) is beneficial for your Child?

In kinderkrippe, children learn to socialize with other children from the beginning. This way, each child can learn something from the other child. When children this young, interact with other children then this also helps your to learn to speak and learn things faster than average learning speed. 

Since children at these centers are very young, groups are kept small to guarantee that every particular child is looked after in best possible manner.

How To Choose a Kinderkrippe in Germany ? 

According to a research, migrant parents struggle more than German parents when it comes to finding daycare for their children in Germany. To inquire for daycare services around your neighborhood and area, contact the Youth Welfare (Jugendamt) office of your designated area. For recommendations, neighbors, friends and colleagues can be approached.

When parents are choosing their kinderkrippe, they should consider the following aspects:

  • Location of daycare center
  • English-speaking staff
  • Opening hours of the daycare
  • Food availability
  • Outdoor space

Keep in mind the opening hours really depends on the Kinderkrippe, because some of them only opens half day (morning to noon) and some of them operate full day (mornings to late afternoon). So suppose if you are a mother who only works half day then the Kinderkrippe which operate half day till noon is ideal for you. If you work 8 hour a day, then you might need to look for a Kinderkrippe which take care of your child during office hours. 

Is there any English Speaking Kinderkrippe in Germany? 

Most of them are German speaking, but if you live in a neighborhood with so many internationals then you might able to find an international nursery. We would recommend to check the reviews on the google, if you find reviews in English or with non German names, then it is highly like that they speak English as well.

How the day looks like at a Kinderkrippe in Germany? 

A typical day at Creche consists of “Free playing time”. During this time, your child is allowed to roam free and decide themselves where they want to go, what they want to play and with whom they want to play. 

These daycare centers encourage children to engage themselves in exploring the world around them and tries it out themselves. These plays are always supervised. The main aim here is the find the strength of your child. This helps them develop communication skills and also makes them learn how to get along with other children.

Beside these, there are some outdoor activities as well to enhance the learning process. These activities include singing songs, role playing, rhyming poems, playing musical instruments and reading pictorial books.This way your child is able to learn the local language faster. As you might have heard, that new borns are kind of sponge, they are learning things 24/7, so it much easier for your child to learn German in such nurseries then at home. 

At times, the staff members at the kinderkrippe divide the children into different groups depending upon their level of understanding and development. For instance, there can be separate groups for crawling babies and the ones who have started walking.

For parents who are planning to get their child enrolled at a kinderkrippe, do inquire in advance if food is provided or not. Some places do offer snacks but some don’t,

What is Right Time to Look For Kinderkrippe (Nursery) in Germany? 

There is a high demand of daycare centers in Germany. Due to that, one may have to register their child a few months before they are old enough to actually attend. Usually, parents sign up their children at multiple daycare centers in case they don’t get admission. Moreover, there are some parents who register their children for daycare even before they are even born.

For registration, an appointment is requested with the administrator of the daycare center. The daycare registers both the parents and their children.

Parents have to present all the documents to verify their address and identity. It is recommended to take along your driving license, passport, and other documentation which shows your name and address. The birth certificate of the child is also necessary in a few cases.

How much Kinderkrippe Costs in Germany? 

The cost of nursery or creche can vary for each municipality. As some of these Kinderkrippe are financed by the public funds. Since there is no specific price set for nursery in Germany. The pricing depends on the locality and area. 

It also depends on whether the facility is private or public. In some instances, the fee depends on the earning of the parent. There are some services which offer discounts to parents who are on low wages. Keep in mind, if you go for the private nursery then be prepared to pay more than a state funded nursery. 

Is there any Cost Reduction for Parents Receiving State Benefits? 

If you are receiving state benefits like unemployment benefit II or Social assistance, then you might be entitled for the reduction of fee at the nursery fees. You can apply to the Youth Welfare (Jugendamt) office for reduction of the childcare costs. 


Kinderkrippe (Nursery) in Germany is ideal for working mothers to go back to work after 1 year of parental leave and taking care of your new born. In the nursery, your child will learn things faster as they are designed in a way which boost child learning capabilities by mixing it with other kids and also by introducing different activities to your child. 

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