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Looking for hardware stores in Germany is not that challenging. Trying to find enough details about hardware stores, you found yourself surfing the internet, visiting various blogs and pages, and as a result, you landed here. Consider this a fortune for yourself, as in this blog, we shall discuss the top hardware stores in Germany.

With our compiled data and information, you would not find yourself researching this matter on a long end. So, hold tight, as we have found all the screws to get this job done.

Best Hardware Stores in Germany.

Generally, the German population enjoys spending their time Renovating their house or doing DIY tasks and activities. Due to this, numerous hardware stores are present in different localities of Germany. These hardware workshops are available to every commoner in Germany within a small range.

Here is a list of some of the best Hardware stores in Germany:


    The hardware store Hagebau was first opened in 1964. Currently, almost 384 branches have opened in both Germany and Australia. Hagebau gained even more popularity after hiring a famous German comedian, Mike Krüger. Hagebau is known for selling branded products at a decent price range. The testers have given a rating of 1.0 for its excellence in price rates as well as brand availability. On their website exists a discount section, due to which customers often shop from there, to save money.

    hagebau hardware shop in germany

    Hagebau is known for its ability of all types of supplies, from garden renovations to constructing and renovating buildings. As a result, Hagebau is considered the best Hardware store in Germany.


    Hornbach established itself in 1993 and is currently the second best Hardware and DIY store in Germany. It is an award-winning and the youngest hardware store with an impressive rating of 1.7 (good). Hornbach is known for its wide range of DIY supplies and is spread throughout Germany in almost 99 branches (except for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

    hornbach hardware store in germany

    The brand availability of Hornbach cannot top Hagebau but is balanced on a standard scale. Although the prices of the products at Hornbach are lower than Hagebau, it still gets the job done!


    Bauhaus was founded in 1960 and was awarded the title of the third-best hardware workshop in Germany, with a solid rating of 1.8 (good). The company comprises almost 157 branches and specialist centres (primarily allocated in Western Germany). The Comparison portal has titled Bauhaus with an affordable retailing price.

    bauhaus diy store in germany

    Availability of branded products is at reasonable costs. Bauhaus is known for its high-end quality products. Bauhaus has impacted a large part of Germany with its services and high quality.


    OBI was launched back in 1960 and right now ranks as the 4th best hardware store in Germany, owning nearly 668 branches and almost 351 franchises scattered across Germany. OBI maintains a rating or grade of 2.0 (Good). OBI very professionally maintained its reputation for selling branded products at appropriate rates. OBI has the title of the price-performance winner among all its other competitors. In other cases, OBI is well-known for their prints campaigns and huge TV media featuring Orang Beiber. OBI serves brilliant and sharp assistance. OBI stores consist of every last hardware tool or construction accessory on your mind, from kitchen and bathrooms to construction sites; Everything is available for you! OBI has cooperative staff who provide splendid customer service.

    OBI diy shop in germany

    OBI launched its online store in 2010, with almost 13.45 million online visitors, Obi is considered the 3rd largest market seller in Europe and ranks 1st in Germany. They offer beneficial services to their customers with sales and promotions, benefiting their online and local potential buyers penny by penny.

    OBI has focused on upgrading its digital services which promote sales and in return has provided the company with potential-Buyers. OBI promotes ROPO behaviour (research online, purchase offline). Which highlights omnichannel businesses.

    On their site, they have mentioned different locations of their branches which assist the customer to acknowledge the nearest franchise from their house. Such services help OBI gain online customers.


    Coming in 5th place is Toom, with almost 360 branches representing Toom all across Germany; with €2.7 billion in annual sales, Toom has been graded with a 2.3 by The brand availability at Toom is negligible to average but buying branded equipment from Toom may get a little pricey.

    toom homedepot like store in germany

    After 40 years of success and popularity gained from physical stores, they finally took a step to establish their company on a bigger scale in 2019 by opening up an online store. Toom is also known as the largest network market store in Germany.

    Within a year, Toom was awarded 3 titles in 2020, including “Best Online Shop” in the DIY category. Toom provides easy access to its customers through its easy-to-operate website. It has provided its online customers with the ‘Click and Reserve' option (it allows them to reserve the product, free of cost) and the ‘Click and Deliver' facility (this option allows you to reserve the product and get it delivered at your door).


    Hellweg was founded in 1971 and has been growing ever since. Hellweg comes in 6th place with almost 87 branches representing the company all over Germany. In 1971, Hellweg launched itself. It is mainly present in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Berlin. Hellweg achieved a decent grade of 2.5 (Satisfactory) by The branded tools and equipment are the most expensive here, and as a result, it ranks last in our list of 6.

    hellweg diy store in germany

    Hellweg has almost 97 DIY stores located in Germany and Austria, with about 758 million in annual sales; the company is breaking its mark with its' online networking. Hellweg hit the jackpot by launching an online business in 2010, with almost 754 million online visitors. DISQ performed a survey that verifies the quality of online services provided by Hellweg, which is worth mentioning.

    Hellweg was given the title of the winner of DIY stores in 2020 even though Hellweg is known to be the most expensive store out of all the hardware stores present in Germany.

    Online Hardware German Stores

    Since Germans are potential creators, they utilize their time creating new innovating stuff. Germans admit that one of the easiest ways to entertain themselves is by renovating their house.

    Online stores are significantly more reliable and accessible. These online stores have heavily stocked themselves with the material for repairs.

    Globus Baumarkt

    Customers are somewhat impressed by Baukmart with its wide range of DIY items. Globus Baukmart has almost 96 DIY Stores located in all of Germany and Luxemburg, and 74 branches are present in Germany. With almost €1.9 Billion in annual sales. It has 2.24 million online visits.

    globus baumarkt in germany

    Globus Baumarkt is rewarded consecutively almost 10 times by Trade Magazine DIY, with the title of #1 friendliest customer service by a hardware company. Customer Monitor in Germany also approves of this title. Baukmart provides its customers with its utmost exceptional services, which makes this company unique in terms of customer assistance. Globus Baumarkt also offers its Online customers' guided selling campaigns.


    This mail-order Company allows you to shop for hardware materials and tools of your choice and desire.

    otto diy store in germany


    The name says it all. Amazon is known as the World's most extensive Online Supplier.Amazon also has a separate category for Hardware tools and supplies.

    amazon baumarkt in germany


    This is a company that is known for its online delivery. It has a wide range of hardware and DIY gear.

    baur hardware shop in germany

    Cheapest Hardware Stores In Germany

    Hornbach is known as the cheapest Hardware workshop in Germany. All supplies are available at an easy-to-purchase rate. Hornbach does not stock its stores with branded supplies much often. Only 3 out of 6 brands are available in Hornbach.

    The best place to shop for sanitary and painting supplies one must shop from Bauhaus.

      Juxtaposition Of the most Expensive Hardware store and the Cheapest Hardware Store

      The most expensive store is known to be Hellweg.

      A statistic proves that the price difference between the cheapest hardware store, and the most expensive hardware store is about 14.9%. Regarding the price difference of branded gear in comparison to the two named stores, a test subject was taken ‘Bosch Impact Drill,' which was known to be almost 37.5%.

        Review By Customers

        In a statistic, we find reviews of hardware stores, with almost 42.88% of people in Germany preferring Bauhaus over any other hardware store. OBI and Praktiker take second place with nearly 21.43% preference rate, and Hornbach is in third place with about 14.29% preference by the people who live in Germany.

        Bottom Line

        Germans are considered self-builders and repairers. Different hardware stores are present in various localities in Germany. If you want to renovate your dream house you must visit these hardware workshops for the utmost supplies and gear. Happy building.

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