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GetSafe is a young insurance company, established in 2015 in Germany. This insurance company provides its customer with a number of different insurance products under one roof. From dental insurance to car and home insurance, GetSafe covers most of your insurance-related problems. If you plan to avail of their services and hence searching for authentic reviews on GetSafe, then congratulations, you have landed in the right place. Here is an in-depth and detailed review of this new insurance company. 

An Introduction to GetSafe

Before jumping into the actual review, you should have an introduction about the company. Here is a short summary of what GetSafe actually is. 

As said earlier, GetSafe is a newly found company. Moreover, they have especially focused on ex-pats and foreigners. If you are new to Germany and are searching for a reliable insurance company, GetSafe might be the right choice for you. Here are a few features that make GetSafe stand out among thousands of other insurance companies.

Tech-savvy Mobile application

With GetSafe, your experience moves way ahead in technology. There is no need to visit their office or sign tons of traditional documents. All you need to do is to download their mobile app, sign up for an account, and select your customized package. You will get all the required information and also all the guidance from the app itself. 

    Dual Language Support

    As said earlier, GetSafe is super friendly and compatible with foreigners. Keeping in view the level of difficulty faced by foreigners in Germany, GetSafe has provided the facility of dual language support. You can use the app either in German or in English language. This might not seem a huge facility for locals, but foreigners and ex-pats find it to be their lifesaver.

    Variety of Insurance Products

    Though GetSafe is mostly known for its home insurance, it also provides a number of other insurance products. GetSafe is actually providing a huge variety of insurance products under one roof. Here are some of the insurance products from GetSafe.

    • Car Insurance

    GetSafe provides super flexible and cheap car insurance policies. With GetSafe’s car insurance, you can make a claim for any kind of accidental damage or theft. If you are looking for Car Insurance in Germany from GetSafe then you can also check other companies. 

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    • Legal Protection Insurance

    Legal issues are the most difficult issues to handle. Visits to courts are super hectic and time taking. With our busy schedules, we all find them irritating and disturbing. On top of that, the expenses for legal issues are skyrocketing. Hence, legal protection insurance becomes important if you need to save yourself from future inconvenience. With GetSafe you get top-notch legal protection from traffic, as well as criminal and home protection. 

    • Home Insurance

    Though GetSafe provides a bunch of insurance products, they are basically known for their home insurance. Their home insurance policies include both the building and the content insurance. If you find it overwhelming and want to avail yourself of only the building or the content insurance, you can do that too. Apart from that, GetSafe provides a feature for customizing your demands. You can even select or drop out various things from specific insurance products.

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    • Liability insurance

    Many foreigner think that they do not need liability insurance. But in Germany, the laws are highly strict. You won’t even know and might get stuck in a legal problem. Small damage to a citizen or his possessions might cause you severe trouble. But having GetSafe’s liability insurance will prove to be highly beneficial.

    • Dental insurance

    GetSafe has also entered the health industry with its dental insurance.

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    Customizable Policies

    With GetSafe you can customize the policies to a great extent. You can change the products that will be insured and also the duration of payment. It helps you to map out a policy according to your demands and budget.

    Super Flexible Coverage

    Another amazing feature offered by GetSafe is the flexibility in their coverage. With other insurance providers, you get stuck with the monthly payments, no matter how useless that turns out to be. But with GetSafe, you can cancel the policy anytime. Whether you decide to quit GetSafe or switch to a different policy, you can easily cancel your insurance through their mobile app.

    Customer Service

    GetSafe provides friendly and smooth customer service which is 24/7 available. The chatbot is in English which is helpful for foreigners.

    Honest GetSafe Review

    Now you should have becomes quite familiar with what GetSafe is and what they offer. Hence, we can move on to the actual review. 

    Our Personal Experience 

    Before talking about what other people say about the platform, here is our personal review. 

    Our experience with GetSafe was great. Starting with their mobile app, it was not only advanced in technology but also super helpful and easy to use. We acquired their home insurance policy to check with their customer service and claim responses. Their chatbot, known as Carla, was responsive and supported English as well as Germany. Also, their response to our claims was also quite amazing. They responded within hours and fulfilled our claims within days. 

    As a whole, our overall experience with GetSafe turned out to be amazing.

      General Customer Concerns

      If you are making up your mind to get insurance for GetSafe, the concerns spread over the internet might push you to the other side. Hence, here we will be addressing some of the most talked about customer concerns about GetSafe.

      • Most people think that GetSafe covers a lot of insurance domains, hence they lack perfection. That is not quite true. They have established entirely separate teams and infrastructure for each domain which helps them to provide full focus to each domain.

      Good Reviews

      Now here are a few excellent reviews from actual GetSafe users. In other words, these are the reasons why you should at least give GetSafe a try.

      Competitive Premium

      getsafe insurance review competitive premium

      Source: TrustPilot

      Here the customer is seen to appreciate GetSafe's packages. He is really happy with the competitive prices of GetSafe. Normally, the prices for premium home insurance are very high. But GetSafe is unique in this respect. Their customizing feature helps you to lower the price in exchange for some features that you may find redundant. In this way, you can pull the prices as low as your budget. 

      getsafe insurance review competitive premium answer

      As said earlier, GetSafe has super responsive customer support. They right away appreciated the happy review and asked for more feedback. 

      Easy Access

      getsafe insurance review easy access

      Source: TrustPilot

      Dorothy says that he found GetSafe to be easily accessible. This was mainly because of their mobile app which is easy to download and use. Also, he recommended GetSafe to his friends who then joined the platform. Hence, she recommended that there should be incentives for recommendations so that more people will be interested in spreading the word. 

      getsafe insurance review easy access answer 1

      Here you can see that the customer wasn't well informed about the referral credit. GetSafe actually provides a referral credit when your friends buy a GetSafe insurance policy. 

      Claim and Reimbursement 

      getsafe insurance review claim and reimbursement

      Source: TrustPilot

      You can see how happy the customer was with GetSafe. Not only was he comfortable throughout the registration process but he also experienced no problems during the claims and reimbursement process. 

      Best Prices 

      getsafe insurance review best prices

      Source: TrustPilot

      Ozzi explains that he was in search of an affordable home insurance policy and GetSafe turned out to be his best option. You can save your time by taking advantage of Ozzi's research. 

      GetSafe also responded to him and thanked him for believing in them.

      Bad Reviews

      Whenever you are looking over reviews for a product, you will come across both good and bad reviews. Above we have discussed good reviews at large. Now we will be talking about the bad reviews. So that you can make a well-informed decision. 

      Good at Technology Not At the Insurance

      getsafe insurance review good at technology not at the insurance

      Source: TrustPilot

      The customer had an issue with reimbursement. As he shifted his house and had to reissue an insurance policy, GetSafe refused to reimburse his claims. 

      getsafe insurance review good at technology not at the insurance answer

      Source: TrustPilot

      Though the issue was quite serious, GetSafe responded within minutes. They assured the customer of a thorough solution and asked him to connect them directly through the mail.

      Bad experience with GetSafe Customer Service 

      getsafe insurance review Bad experience with GetSafe customer service

      Source: TrustPilot

      Mrs. Bell seems to be super frustrated and angry and she has all the right to be. Her property is having cracks which need to be repaired as soon as possible. But GetSafe isn't responding to her claims. Even the customer service is being non-responsive. 

      getsafe insurance review Bad experience with GetSafe customer service answer

      Source: TrustPilot

      GetSafe made sure to respond to this review and asked her for direct contact through email so that her problem can be solved as soon as possible.

      Slow and Poor Response

      getsafe insurance review slow and poor response

      Source: TrustPilot

      The customer isn't happy with GetSafe as he isn't able to get reimbursed for his claims. Moreover, the customer service is also not responding at all.

      getsafe insurance review slow and poor response answer

      Source: TrustPilot

      Again, the customer got a response from GetSafe to contact them directly through the mail. 


      After carrying out such an extensive research and viewing people's reviews we came to the conclusion that GetSafe can be ranked among some of the top most insurance companies in Germany. Though they do lack in a few areas. For example, their customer service is not that top-notch. But their premium prices and smooth reimbursement can make up for that. 

      If you are looking for an insurance provider that will cover most of your insurance needs, then GetSafe might be the best choice for you.

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