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Welcome to Germany where there is a solid tradition of liability insurance. Therefore, Liability insurance is considered one of the most important insurances in the country.

In cases of unintentional harm to an individual, their belongings, liability insurance covers you well. There are a number of insurance providers who are offering liability insurance. Here, we have listed them down for you as we understand it is quite intimidating and hard to understand and select which one is best for you.

We will be discussing in this article why insurance is important since a lot of expatriates. Also, about how they never considered getting liability insurance in their hometown. We will also be presenting you with a comparison of all the top liability insurance policies.

As we know, nobody wants to explain they’re critical case in German. That’s why we have compiled a list of Insurance providers which can provide support in English, besides this, we have also compiled some that only support in German but they made our list because of their outstanding service.

Short Comparison of the Best Liability Insurance in Germany

 GetsafeAdam RieseHeldenLemonadeFeather
Has an App?⛔️⛔️
English Customer Support⛔️⛔️
Coverage in Eurosup to 50 millionup to 7,5 millionup to 50 millionup to 10 millionUp to 30 million
No DeductibleOptionalOptional150OptionalYes
Monthly cancellation
Monthly Coststarting from
starting from
starting from
starting from
starting from

Before we get into the details, let’s have a quick sneak at our options if you are looking for rapid response for which liability insurance is best for you:

Getsafe – Easy usage, English customer support and good website, can be canceled anytime, coverage up to €50 million. Can be accessed using a mobile app only.

Adam Riese – Regarded as distinguished insurance. The company is supported by one of the finest financial service providers in Germany. Good website and customer support. The german-language contract is available only. Insurance can be canceled only after one year.

Helden – One more great insurance. Though customer support speaks English, their website, customer support, and contract are only available in German. but their customer support speaks English. On every claim, there is a deductible of €150.

Lemonade – 21st-century design. Digital insurer. Preferable for those wanting to purchase liability bundles and insurance for home contents.

Feather – Another easy-to-use option. Cancellation anytime. No deductible. English customer service and website. Insurance coverage of up to €30 million.

Why is Liability Insurance important in Germany?

Liability insurance covers situations in which the insured person caused personal damage, object damage or wealth damage to a third party. It is called Haftpflichtversicherung in German. Moving forward, the insurance company would pay the costs incurred. Secondly, it will save the insured person from the risk of having to pay damages, or even risking personal bankruptcy.

It should be noted, that as per data acquired from Statista, 8 out of 10 German residents have Private Liability Insurance. That’s why it is the most common and recommended insurance in Germany

Why Do You Need To Have Liability Insurance In Germany?

There is a reason to have liability insurance in German. Why? because German law holds an individual 100% liable for any damages they cost to others and their assets. Moreover, it is a legal right for German citizens and residents to sue whoever has caused damages to their property or themselves.

Real life examples of How Having Liability Insurance In Germany Can Save You From Trouble

Real life scenario # 1

You are sitting in a cafe and suddenly you hear a familiar voice from behind. You go to their table to surprise them and in this surprise, you get over-excited and accidentally spill your coffee at your friend’s new phone. Now, this phone is water damaged.

Now, in this case, you are responsible for fixing the phone of your friend. This is a very small real-life example, In such a scenario, people will call their private liability insurance provider and let them pay the repair cost for their friend’s phones. As this damage was caused by them.

Real life scenario # 2

In another case, suppose you were in a hurry and you accidentally locks your bike to another person’s bike. You went to your class or work and might not return for another hour or two. During this time, the lock bike owner came and now he wanted to go to some meeting in time but as his bike is locked with yours. Now he had to take a taxi or public transport. Even in this case, somebody can hold liable for their financial loss in terms of a taxi or public transport fare. Your liability insurance covers you here as well.

Real life scenario # 3

It is quite common that as a student you ride a bike. While you were riding, A small distraction caused an accident. That means you bumped into somebody. That person fell down to the ground and broke his elbow. Now your liability insurance provider will take care of his medical bills and your insurance provider will also compensate him for all the work, that he couldn’t able to do because of his injury.

Real-life scenario # 4

Another common scenario that can easily happen to anybody. Suppose you were going somewhere and you accidentally misplaces your apartment key. You live in a multi-story building and in your lost keys, you also have the key to the main door of the building. Now your landlord has to change the main lock and also provide a new key to every tenant in that building. This small mishap can easily cost 1000 euros. Your liability insurance provide can protect you here as well.

What Is Covered Under Liability Insurance?

These types of damages are covered under liability insurance.

  • Mental or physical damage to a person
  • Unintentional damage to a rented apartment and building it is situated in
  • Damaging someone else’s property

What Is Not Covered Under Liability Insurance?

Following are the things not covered under Liability Insurance:

  • If your horse or dog cause a damage then this damage should be covered by your dog or horse insurances
  • If you damage anybody’s car while driving a car then this should be covered by your kfz liability insurance.
  • If you damage anything which belongs to you, for example if you drop your phone and it breaks, then you pay from your pocket
  • In case you are self employed, then any damage which is caused to your work then this is covered by your business or freelancing insurance.

Which One Is The Best Liability Insurance in Germany?

Finally, we have seen what is covered and not covered, we have compiled the five best liability insurance providers for you to compare and choose from. Have a thorough look at them considering the benefits and drawbacks of both and find the best liability insurance option as per your suited needs.

The following benefits are common in all the mentioned liability insurance providers:

  • 100% digital
  • Easy sign-up
  • Modern services to disrupt traditional insurance games

Below mentioned are the five best liability insurance providers in Germany

Getsafe – A best and affordable liability insurance in Germany

In 2015, Getsafe came into being. It is based in Heidelberg. The company initially began as an insurance broker. Later on, they sold their brokerage venture and started with their own insurances. Getsafe is the first in the country to compete alongside the traditional insurance business. It provides an easy online way of purchasing liability insurance.

getsafe best LIABILITY insurance privathaftpflichtversicherung

For an individual, it’s €2,94 a month. You can get up to €50 million coverage with the premium cover. The family policy can also opt for your partner and children. With the premium cover, you will get the purchase price of a damaged item not older than a year and not only the time value.


  • Coverage up to €50m
  • Option for no deductible
  • English website and customer support
  • If self-employed part time, you are covered up to 12,000 euros revenue
  • Drone liability available as an add-on
  • Cancel anytime


  • Access to services using native phone app only

Adam Riese

Adam Riese started in 2017. They initially began with personal liability insurance. The company is a part of Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG group. They launched Adam Riese with the purpose of digitizing products.

Adam Riese currently has 3 different plans to offer. Among them, the most affordable one is €2.05 which covers over €7.5 million.

Adam Riese best LIABILITY insurance germany privathaftpflichtversicherung


  • Cancel anytime
  • XXL plan covering usage of drone
  • Chat option on website
  • Option for non-deductible
  • Support social causes


  • Website available in German only

Helden is a pioneer insurance. Their liability insurance covers you from private damages, loss of keys, bad debt losses, and more. Moreover, with, you are protected within Europe, a bonus if you are an international student. In addition to that, their insurance fee automatically covers your partner or kids.

You can secure your liability insurance with on their website. They only offer services in German, and you can cancel at any time.

They are charging €66 annually with coverage up to €50 million.

Helden best LIABILITY insurance germany privathaftpflichtversicherung

For the ones who have basic knowledge of the German language and are okay to use the translate page option on their browser, this might be the best insurance option for them.

Helden is among the very few insurance providers who cover the usage of drones in their charges. They are loved immensely for their user-friendly system, excellent customer service and excellent coverage. Though, there is a €150 deductible on each claim. This is the only downside of Helden.


  • Easy to find information of what is covered and what is not
  • Monthly fee including everyone living with you. This includes your partner, children and a relative if in case you are taking care of them
  • Drone coverage included
  • Chat option available in website
  • If self-employed, you are covered up to 20,000 revenue or 6,000 profit per year
  • Cancel anytime


  • Website available in German only
  • 150 euros deductible for every claim


Lemonade is a very straightforward and transparent insurance provider. In terms of open-source collaborative insurance policy, It is the first of its kind all over the world. The platform provides you with an understanding of what you are buying and how much you will be charged for it.

Lemonade has a simple way of doing things for you. They charge a flat fee. They pay your claims fast. In addition to that, they donate your unused money to different causes to which you have chosen to give. Maya, their AI bot also assist users in crafting perfect coverage for protection.

Lemonade best LIABILITY insurance germany privathaftpflichtversicherung

The package for liability insurance is offered at €2 a month. They have a €10m coverage as per their policy. The platform is built around online users which have resulted in happy customers. The services are regarded as excellent which includes transparent insurance policies, a rapid resolution to claims and great customer support.


  • Easy to understand and find what is covered and what is not
  • English contract is available
  • Customer support and website available in English
  • Cancel anytime
  • Support social causes
  • Option to choose 0 deductible


  • Damages to borrowed items not covered
  • Claiming can be filed with native phone app only


Feather insurance is based in Berlin. They started off in 2018. The company is focused on ex-pats in Germany. Because of that, they have a highly efficient system. The process consists of easy English and easy understanding. Feather insurance aims to make the insurance procedure even easier for internationals.

feather best LIABILITY insurance privathaftpflichtversicherung

The insurance plan for a single person starts at €4,99. For this amount, you can get coverage up to €30m. Partner and kids can be added easily to your policy. The process for signing up is also handy. Their great customer service is something which has their customers in love with them.


  • Chat option available on website
  • Customer support available in English
  • Easy to find what is covered
  • Cancel anytime
  • No deductible


  • Drone coverage not available


In conclusion, after careful review of the top five liability insurance providers in Germany, we have come to the conclusion that liability insurance provided by GetSafe has the largest number of perks as compared to other liability insurance providers in Germany.

Firstly, Get safe has remarkable customer support. Secondly, they are highly transparent. Lastly, they also give an option to their customers to select no deductible and provide you with coverage of up to 50 million euros. Besides, their customer support is English and you can cancel anytime.

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