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Germany is one of the most economically strong and successful European countries, considered a favourite place of choice for merchants and businessmen who want to set up their business in European countries. Germany has a strong economy that provides numerous opportunities for a safe and successful business. Other than that the ideal geographical location of Germany makes it perfect for the purpose. It possesses a central location in the European continent emerging a huge phase of opportunities for network and business development throughout the European continent, as other European countries are approached easily from Germany through several modes of transportation. Other factors like excellent educational standards, strong legal, financial, and banking network, controlled corruption, planned and built-up infrastructure, and world-class, advanced technological developments are favorable to starting a business in Germany for residents and foreigners as well.

 If you have set up your business in Germany or planning to do so, there is a guide about German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number).

The German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) is also referred to as the HR Number, Commercial Register Number, or registernummer.

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Commercial register and German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)

The commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister) is similar to the pubic directory. It has registered documented entries about merchants and their businesses. The German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) is very important information about a company. The Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) of your company obtained after registration in the commercial register is exclusively unique and gives your business identity protection.

Why it is necessary to get a German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)?

By German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number), your business and company get a unique identification and individuality. It protects the facade of your company as it cannot be manipulated by any other similar company or business.

It provides authenticity and value to your business as business partners or some customers can evaluate the origin and existence of your business by searching for your German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) in the commercial register.

What are the benefits of getting a Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) for your business?

Following legal obligations and rules are always beneficial. There are some benefits of getting your business registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister).


The registered company in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister) owns its unique name, which can represent its business throughout the country.

Partnership Representation

The name registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister) represents the business which means the proprietorship or business partnerships can be represented through a decided registered name.

Safe-keeping the business

The registration in Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister) and getting your business a Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) can ease your process of getting loans from banks for business. The bank won’t hesitate to trust your issue if your business is having its unique Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number).

Meanwhile, for getting a partnership to spread the scope of your business, the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) shows the legal authenticity and credibility of your company.

Power of Attorney

After getting Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) in Germany, you can get the right to issue yourself power of attorney.

Escalate your business

Another biggest benefit of getting your business a Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) is: you are legally allowed to open branches and franchises of your business in other areas throughout the country.

Is Getting German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) legally statutory?

Yes, all companies that are going to operate a commercial business are legally bounded to be registered in the commercial register and obtain their unique German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number). This is mandatory to get your company registered in the commercial register for entrepreneurs while starting a business.

Do Small business owners oblige to get German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)?

It is not necessary for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number), but they can do so if they want.

How Do I know that my Business is no Longer smaller, and I need to get a Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)?

Your business is not considered a small business if your company is commercially organized, your annual turnover is increasing more than typical for your industry, or you are having a need to hire staff with authorized signatories for your business. You are obliged to get registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister).

Who is excepted to be registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister)?

The companies obliged to civil laws (Gesellschsft burgerlichen Rechts) are exceptional to be registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister). The freelancers and businesses which are considerably small and whose sales revenue is lower than required are also excluded to get a German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number).

How to get registered in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister) to obtain a Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)?

To start the registration process, you have to appear at the notary by yourself.

The process of registration starts at the notary and is then continued by the district court of the area.

What information is required to get your business a German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number)?

To get a German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number), the following information is need to be provided:

  • Name of company
  • Name of members in management and their date of birth
  • Addresses of the main office, address of branches if there are any
  • Name of representatives of the company and their date of birth
  • Business perspective and moto
  • Legal form
  • Basic, limited, or shared capital information with the amount
  • The date at which first registration is made
  • Opening balance statement
  • Financial position and statement of business

Can I Make my Business Registration Online?

No, the information about registered companies is available online. But for the registration of your business, you have to appear by yourself at the notary. 

What is the cost of registration in the Commercial register or German Trade Register (Handelregister)?

The registration cost varies and depends upon:

  • Legal form
  • Share capital
  • Shareholders of the business

 The registration cost can be:

  • For Registered businessmen (e.K): 70 Euros
  • Corporation (GmbH, UG, AG): 150 Euros
  • Commercial Partnership (Ohg, KG, GmbH): 100 Euros for 3 partners, plus 40 Euros for each more

Also, include registration fees in the notary and some other official fee charges during the process.

What does a German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) consist of?

The usual format of German Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) is:

HRA_ 12345 (name of district court Amtsgericht, at which the registration of the company is processed)


HRB_ 12345 (name of district court Amtsgericht, at which the registration of the company is processed)

HRA shows the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) of companies with sole business proprietorship (GbRs) as merchants, partnership businesses, legal associations, and other economic associations.

HRB shows the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) of corporations (GmbH, UG, AG).

As a registered company, do I need to report my company-related information to the commercial register, in case of any changing?

Yes, if there is any upgradation or other change in your business, you need to report that event to the commercial register. The following events are valid to be reported and recertified by your notary:

  • Hiring a new managing director
  • Cancellation of employment of a managing director
  • Addition of a new shareholder in the company
  • Removal of a shareholder
  • Change of company or business name
  • Changes in the terms of association
  • Bankruptcy
  • Change of purpose or aim of the business and/or company
  • Relocating the office
  • Opening a new branch of your business
  • Closure of a registered branch or office
  • Transfer of power of attorney or its upgradation

Can I deregister my commercial registration?

Yes, you can. Apply for it with complete documentation at your notary. After dissolving your business or company, it is necessary to apply for deletion of your Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number).

Who Can Access the Commercial Register in Germany?

The accessible information registered in Commercial registered can be viewed by anyone online. It enhances the transparency of the business system in Germany, as economic updates, merchant’s basic information, and other circumstances of the registered companies can be viewed and accessed by everyone.

How is the Commercial registration process managed?

To start the process, you have to appear yourself although the system of Commercial registration is managed electronically. It is now updated as exclusively electronic. Registration entries are published in the electronic company registers.

Where I can find the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) of the company?

The Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) is easily available and mentioned on the website of company, at the bottom of the page. German websites are required to be maintained and mention there the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) at the bottom of the page.  It is also mentioned on the imprints issued by the company.

Bottom Line

Following the rules of the country make your business and company more valid, credible, and trustworthy. It is an easy process that requires six to eight weeks to be accomplished. Getting complete updates about every step before setting up a business is an intelligent approach. We have shared every possible detail regarding the process of getting your business the Handelsregisternummer (Handel register Number) in Germany.

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