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If your loved ones have moved to Germany, you can call them easily. We will give you some basic and general information about German phone numbers. We will also guide you about the dialing method to dial German phone numbers.

Germany has no fixed number of digits for their phone numbers. The length of an area code ranges from two digits to five digits. The maximum total length of a phone number is eleven digits.

Parts of German Phone Numbers

A German phone number has three parts

  1.   The country code
  2.   The area code
  3.   And the phone number

Let’s understand through an example. The example number is +49 30 902760. In this number, +49 is the country code assigned to Germany by the International Telecommunication Union. 30 is the area code for Berlin. Every city and area has a different area code. The area code is according to geography. 902760 is the remaining phone number. This number can also be written without a country code. If you do not want to write the country code with the phone number, you can write 030 902760.

The number of digits in the remaining phone number may vary. Here is another phone number with more digits, +49 1522 3455662. In this number, +49 is the country code, 1522 is the area code, and 3455662 is the remaining phone number.

Given Number
+49 (0) 30 3455662
+49 30 3455662

Calling a German number Outside Germany

Country Code


City Code


Phone number


Calling a German number Inside Germany

Local Numer


City Code


Phone number


Emergency Phone Numbers in Germany

There are different emergency numbers in Germany to tackle different emergencies. If you need the Police, then you can call on 110.

If you are in an emergency when you need medical assistance or firefighters, you can dial 112 to get medical assistance, rescue services and call firefighters.

Only call these numbers only in real emergencies, as it is not a matter of joke. Consider that their time is precious, so never call them if there is no real emergency.

For Civil services, dial 115. They will answer directly or transfer your call or request to the concerned person or competent authority —

Dial 118 for directory assistance.

If you need medical transport, but it is not an emergency, you can call 19 222. This is a local number that is assigned in all areas.

How to Get a German Phone Number?

If you need a personal German mobile phone number, you must get a prepaid sim card. You can also sign up for a relevant contract. If you need a landline number, you can easily sign up for an internet contract. You can get a German phone number if and only if you live or work in Germany. There are a few restrictions when buying a number, as you might need to submit your ID number or proof of address. Germany's best mobile sim networks are 02 Mobile, Vodafone Mobile, and T- Mobile.  If you are interested in Cheap prepaid Sim cards then check out this GUIDE below.

Link to the Topic
Four Of Germany’s Best Prepaid SIM Cards 

Network and 4G Coverage

There is no issue with the network in Germany, as network coverage is available all across the country. However, the 4G or LTE connection is not fully available in Germany, and the quality of these connections depends on the mobile companies and operators. Besides, international roaming is available at many destinations to keep you connected with your family day and night. You may easily communicate with your loved ones through different apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to Find a German Phone Number?

It is not difficult to find a German phone number now, as there are various German phone directories available across the internet. DAS TELEFONBUCH is the official website having a detailed phone book and directory for people and businesses in Germany. You can check this website in both English and German versions. Other than this website, other web pages offer phone directories in different ways.

Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is also a real number. The difference between a virtual phone number and a normal phone number is that the virtual phone number is not connected to a physical landline or a sim card. The person having a virtual phone number can make and answer all the phone calls with the free apps.

They can also use Android, iOS, and laptops to make and answer calls if they have a virtual number. You can answer all calls easily by forwarding them to your regular mobile phone. Whether you see the caller number or a virtual number depends on the settings of your phone. The experience of calling through a virtual or a regular number remains the same for users. The cost of these virtual numbers depends on the features you choose. These features include monthly packages, call and call forwarding options and additional services. The cost for call forwarding is the same as the cost for a normal local call.

There are two kinds of numbers available in Germany as virtual phone numbers. City numbers start with the area code and are related to the specific city. Another type is the national number that is connected to the cities. Businesses in Germany use these national numbers to connect to customers, suppliers, and their stakeholders. A national number starts with the two digits ‘32’.

Concluding Remarks

Germany is home to the tourism industry so people love to travel and visit Germany from all across the world. With German telephone numbers, you are able to connect to your families and friends but never forget to check the best time to call them. Germany follows the CEST Central European Summer Time using UTC +02

When you call Germany, make sure that the number is correct. If you call from your call, make sure to add + or 00 at the start of your phone number and ensure that the format of your phone number is correct which means country code, area code, and then the rest of the phone number. You can also use other apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or Instagram to connect to people in other countries. WhatsApp offers a free calling service and Skype allows calling internationally to other Skype users.

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