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The country of Germany is very bike friendly. Cycling is extremely popular over here, whether for leisure, sports, vacation, or commuting. Germany owns 81 million bicycles, which is almost as many as the country's inhabitants. For some people buying a bike in Germany can be intimidating due to its popularity. However, you should not worry as you will learn about the various options for purchasing a bicycle in Germany in this article. If you want to buy a bike in Germany, choose the kind of bike you want based on your requirements and set a budget. After that, look for the bike you want, ask for proof of purchase, and pay for it. Bicycle or flea market markets, eBay (Kleinanzeigen), and Facebook groups are all good places to buy a bike.

As per research, over 80% of Germans own a bicycle since cycling is Germany's quickest and best method of going from one place to another. Although purchasing a brand-new bicycle in Germany is quite exciting, it is wise to consider purchasing a used bicycle if you have a limited budget.

However, there are risks associated with purchasing a used bicycle in Germany, where the most common problem is someone stealing it. Unfortunately, bike theft that results in an immediate sale is common.

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Where To Purchase a Brand New Bicycle in Germany?

Purchasing A Bicycle Online

Even though you may appreciate the ease of doing things online from time to time, it is advisable to never purchase a bicycle online, even if it were cheaper. When you buy a bicycle online, you must put it together yourself at home. Unless you are an expert and a bike enthusiast, this poses a significant safety risk.

Many people buy expensive bicycles online and do not realize that they will have to assemble all the parts on their own. This can be very difficult and troublesome for someone who does not have experience in assembling objects. After paying such a hefty price tag, everyone expects to receive a complete bike that they will not have to sit and assemble on their own.

Purchasing A Bicycle from A Physical Shop

With 20 locations across Germany, Stadler is Germany's largest bicycle retailer. However, there are also numerous smaller bike shops in most neighbourhoods. So, find the bike shop that is closest to your house. It is good to visit a shop and buy a bike as you know what you will receive, since buying things online can be very deceiving.

The most recommended method for a bicycle in Germany is to go to a bike shop, test out a variety of sizes and types of bikes, and get proper consultation from a bicycle expert.

It is essential to test a variety of sizes and bicycles, particularly if this is your first bicycle in a long time. Bicycle shops will always offer a discount on the initial bike inspection and sell the bike with a warranty.

Where To Purchase a Used Bike in Germany

Purchasing A Bicycle at A Flea Market

Newcomers to Germany love to purchase bicycles at a local flea market for 25 euros. However, it also poses significant safety risks, and these bikes typically last only a few months before malfunctioning. Additionally, you might support bike thieves' efforts to resell stolen bikes unintentionally. The flea market is another place to find a used bicycle. With this, you must determine the next flea market's date and location to locate your ideal one among the hundreds available.

You can test drive a few bikes around before deciding if you are unsure which bike to buy. Additionally, you might want to think about consulting a specialist there.

Purchasing A Bicycle From Kleinanzeigen

It should be possible for you to test-ride the bike. To ensure that the bike is not a stolen one, the seller should also provide you with a purchase contract or purchase receipt. You should always be aware of scams that take place online. If you have a basic understanding of bicycle mechanics and have previously owned a bicycle, buying a used bike from a private individual through platforms like eBay may be an acceptable option. you with a purchase contract or purchase receipt. You should always be aware of scams that take place online.

Purchasing A Bicycle from An Auction

Bicycle auctions (Fahrradversteigerung) are held frequently in almost every city, where lost and found bikes are sold. To be offered at these auctions for very little money, bicycles must have been unclaimed for more than six months. Bikes of genuine quality can sometimes be purchased at a discount. When you buy a bicycle through such an auction, you will receive a legal document confirming your ownership.

At the end of the day, the bicycle you want to buy needs to give you a sense of safety, self-assurance, and control.

Purchasing A Bicycle from A Bicycle Market

People who don't want to bother looking for a bike online because they don't know much about them and want to feel and choose the right bike from the dozens that are displayed in the window should investigate bicycle shops. You can be sure that a used bike has not been stolen, that all paperwork is present, and that the technical condition has been improved when you buy one from a shop window. Here, nothing is complicated: decide a bike, ride it, feel it, and you can buy it at the store. You will most certainly receive all the documents that you need, lubricate every node, pump up the wheels, adjust the steering wheel, and then you can go. 

It's not hard to buy a bicycle from these markets; check the dates of the bike market and go. There are hundreds of bicycles in need of new owners.

The price and limited selection are the only two drawbacks here. You can get the same bike for less on other websites, and you can choose from hundreds of offers instead of just 20. Things are normally cheaper online as those sellers do not need to cover the expenses of a physical shop.

In Germany's bicycle markets, marketplace vendors set the purchase price independently of flea market management. Therefore, your ability to negotiate will determine how much you pay for your bike. You can find Fahrradmarkt near you. It is good to do a market survey before buying a bike so that you know if you can get a bike for cheaper or not.

Berlin regularly hosts bicycle fairs, which provide a vast marketplace with hundreds of offers. You will be able to find the bicycle that's right for you there because they sell both new and used bikes. One of the benefits is the extensive selection and lower prices compared to bicycle leftists.

On Facebook, you can search for venues by events. As a result of the flaws, there is some difficulty of catching a conscientious seller and a bicycle that was not stolen. Here, many thieves make a shady profit from naive customers by selling their stolen goods. Always ask for the bike's paperwork, compare it to the frame number, and make a Kaufvertrag to avoid this. If you do not look out for stolen bikes, you could later be accused of stealing them, which is why you should always inquire about the history and proof of purchase of the bike.

Deciding On the Type of Bicycle You Desire

Sports Bikes

This bike is for you if you enjoy riding at high speed over long distances and on paved paths. These bikes have lightweight frames made of carbon or aluminium, and high-quality composite materials, so you can ride them at high speeds.

Racing bikes are fun to ride, but due to their lightweight, you might find them uncomfortable. If you have a back issue, counsel a doctor before purchasing a racing bicycle, as it could further damage your back. Additionally, racing bikes are the costliest because of the expensive materials used in their frames. You can also look into buying mountain bikes. Consider purchasing a mountain bike if you want a used bike that will make it simple to zip through the terrain and conquer the woods. It provides excellent driving stability and safety on bumpy roads thanks to its sturdy frames, wide tires, and high-quality handlebars.You can also look into buying mountain bi

Everyday City Bikes

A city bicycle is ideal for you on the off chance that you intend to ride just around the city. It has a sturdy frame and is very comfortable, making it easy to move around the city centre in comfort. This bicycle has a stage-through outline that makes it simple to get off. So, regardless of whether you are more seasoned, you can appreciate cycling this bicycle.

Coming Up With A Budget

Consider a variety of offline and online purchasing options before settling on the one that fits your budget to find a high-quality bicycle. You might also want to think about buying options that let you get a better deal without sacrificing quality.

Set a budget and make it a goal to stick to it once you have chosen a bike model. Good quality does not necessarily come at a high cost. Therefore, examine the bike's features and stick to your budget strictly.

The Price of Bicycles

In Germany, the price of a bicycle varies based on its age, type, and quality. A brand-new professional bike might cost around 5,000 euros, while a brand-new supermarket bike might only cost about 150 euros.

Depending on the model, the cost of a used bike that is good enough to get you around town can range from 40 to 500 euros. Bicycles branded for racing cost the most.

You can find bikes for less than 50 euros at flea markets or auctions of unclaimed lost and found items if you're on a tight budget. However, you run the pretty bad risk of purchasing a bike that has been stolen in these locations.

Searching For A Bicycle That Fulfills Your Needs

You can now look for a bike that meets your needs after deciding on the kind of bike you want and setting a budget. Compare the quality and prices of various physical and online markets to accomplish this.

Request For Proof Of Purchase

Ask the seller for proof of purchase of the bicycle to ensure a safe transaction. If the frame number is present, they should provide repair receipts if they do not already have them. You won't be able to buy a bike that has been stolen, which is a big problem in Germany.

If there are no receipts, crucial questions to ask the seller include:

  • “When and where did you purchase the bicycle?”
  • “How frequently do you drive it?”
  • “Why do you want to sell the bike?”

You should be able to determine whether the seller is the actual owner of the bicycle based on the responses to these questions.

Things To Look Out For Before Buying a Used Bicycle in Germany

On the German bike market, there are a lot of used bicycles, making it hard to choose one that's right for you. The most important things to look for in a used bicycle in Germany are as follows:

Brake Pads

Before purchasing the bike, test-ride it to make sure the brake pads are in good working order. If you notice any problems, it would be best to choose a different option, especially if you don't want to spend extra on their replacement.

Frame Number 

While purchasing a used bicycle, it's pivotal to check the casing number, normally under the button section or on the edge bar. If the frame number is missing, the bike may have been stolen, so you should avoid purchasing it. If you don't, you'll be caught buying stolen goods.

The Tires

Before purchasing, examine the tires on the two-wheeler. They can get old, especially if the bike hasn't been used in a while. Release some air from the tires, knead the casing, and pump them to their maximum capacity to test the rubber. The tires may need to be replaced, which will set you back about 60 euros if there are cracks in the rubber.

Bike Theft Insurance

You may have noticed that bike theft is a troubling issue in Germany that affects everyone. Purchase bicycle insurance to prevent this from happening to your bicycle. Numerous insurance companies provide this coverage at prices that are within your budget. Getsafe and Feather are suggested for English speakers. Getsafe insurance costs just 3.75 euros per month. They provide an app and have English customer care.

You can get bicycle insurance (Fahrradversicherung) or household insurance (Hausratversicherung) that covers bike theft if you have a pricey bike. Your insurance company will pay to replace your bike if it is stolen. Only recent bicycles are covered by bicycle insurance. Older bikes are not covered. Feather and GetSafe provide English-language bicycle insurance if you do not speak German.

Bicycle Registration

Approximately 30,000 stolen bicycles occur annually in Germany, according to research; this equates to one bike per minute. You can lock your bike away from popular places for theft to keep it safe.

However, the most efficient and best way to safeguard your bicycle is to obtain a license sticker and register it for free with the police database. In addition to keeping thieves at bay, this registration assists the police in locating your bicycle if it is stolen.

Visit the municipal police department's official website and follow the on-screen instructions to register your bike. In addition, you can view the stolen bicycles that are currently in this database.

Understanding The German Cycling Rules

You should learn the German cycling regulations before riding your new bike on German roads. There are rules about using bike paths, signalling when turning, and whether you need a cycling license in Germany, as with everything else in the country.


When purchasing a bicycle in Germany, you should consider your intended use and prior experience with bicycles before selecting a model and retailer. The best thing to do is go to a bicycle shop, have a professional advise you on the type and size of a bike, and try out a few bikes until you find the one, you are most at ease with.

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