Best Blocked Account In Germany? [2024 Guide with Steps]

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If you are looking to move to Germany as a student or a jobseeker, then you must have come across the term “blocked account”. Now the question is what is a blocked account, and how can you get the one opened for yourself? Well, this is the exact thing I am going to tell you in this guide.

Keep on reading to know everything about blocked accounts i.e., why it is required, which blocked account providers are best, how much money is required to open a block account etc.

Update: German government recently raises the BAföG's monthly allowance from €861 to €934. It is the standard that tells how much monthly expenses is needed by an average student in Germany. Therefore, all the internation students required to block the total amount of €11,208 instead of €10.332 for one year from 1 January 2023. 

Best Blocked Account in Germany – A Quick Overview

If you have a little time to know about the blocked account details, then read this paragraph to get your answer. A blocked account is necessary for students and jobseekers relocating to Germany. The German government demands you to open a blocked account to make sure that you are financially eligible to live in Germany. To open your blocked account, you can use any of the four blocked account providers i.e., Fintiba, Expatrio, Coracle, and Deutsche. However, the first 3 providers are best as they process everything digitally.

  •   Finitba: Setup fee: 89 euros and Monthly fee: 4.90 Euros
  •   Expatrio: Setup fee: 49 euros and Monthly fee: 5 Euros
  •   Coracle:  Setup fee: 59 Euros and no monthly fee

What is the Blocked Account in Germany?

A blocked account is a bank account in Germany that is essential for international students as well as for job seekers. If you want to receive your visa for Germany, you are asked to open your blocked account first and deposit a specific amount of money into it. This account deposit is evidence that you are capable to meet your financial requirements when living in Germany.

Moreover, your blocked account sets a monthly allowance for you. By doing so, the German government assures that you are not spending too much money in the initial period of your stay, and you will not run out of money at the end months of your stay. Instead, you will have an equal amount of money to spend each month.

How Much Money I have to Deposit into Blocked Account?

Initially, to apply for a visa, you will have to deposit a minimum of 11.208 euros per year into your blocked account. In this way, you will have a monthly allowance of 934 euros each month once you start living in Germany. This amount also depicts the necessary cost a person requires to live in Germany.

When you need a Blocked Account in Germany?

For a non-EU citizen, a blocked account is required in either of the following cases while moving to Germany.

  • If you are a student, and you don’t have any scholarship certificate as proof of your financial stability, you will be required to open a blocked account.
  • If you are moving to Germany on a job seeker visa, it will be necessary for you to have a blocked account. A job-seeker visa permits you to stay in Germany for six months to seek a job.
  • If you are a student from any of these countries (Australia, Israel, Canada, Japan, Republic of South Korea, New Zealand, Honduras, and United States of America), you will not be required to apply for a visa while moving to Germany. However, to get a resident permit, you will be asked to open a blocked account first.

In case you have moved to Germany on a work visa, tourism, or a blue card, a blocked account will not be a requirement for you.

Where can I open a Blocked Account in Germany?

To open your blocked account in Germany, you can contact any of the four official blocked account providers.

  1. Expatrio
  2. Coracle
  3. Fintiba
  4. Deutche Bank 

However, to get your blocked account opened easily from the comfort of your home, you should select one from the first three providers. The fourth provider on the list (Deutche Bank) will require you to visit the German Embassy. Well, we are living in a revolutionized digital world, so prefer to find efficient digital solutions to your problems.

Fintiba Blocked Account

Fintiba is the latest official blocked account provider, founded a few years back in 2016. They are providing you with the Fintiba app, which is an innovative facility for you. you can get your blocked account open through this app, keeping everything digital.

Not only the blocked account, but Fintiba also offers you many other services i.e., language learning, bank transfers etc.

And the best part? Fintiba is directly linked with German Sutor Bank, where your blocked account will be opened.

Fintiba Blocked Account-How to Get it Opened?

To get your Blocked account opened at Sutor Bank by Fintiba, you need to follow the following simple steps.

  1. Go to the Fintiba website and read the instructions to access the application form to open your blocked account.
  2. Fill in all the details on the form.
  3. Upload the required documents to verify your identity.
  4. Once you successfully submit the required details and documents, you will get your blocked account open within approximately 10 minutes.
  5. The next step is to deposit the required funds into your blocked account. This step is necessary to activate your account. Make a deposit and wait for the confirmation email. It may take 5 days as the international transfers take some time.

Congratulations! You have successfully opened your blocked account in Germany.

Fintiba Blocked Account-Charges

You will have to pay 89 Euros fees to open a blocked account at Fintiba. In addition to this initial fee, you will have to pay a monthly fee of 4.90 Euros as well.

Fintiba Blocked Account-Benefits

  • Fintiba is an official-blocked account provider, and thus approved by German authorities.
  • With Fintiba, you can open your bank account within 10 minutes, and that is wonderful.
  • Fintiba app puts you at ease for all your payouts while living in Germany.
  • The website allows you to sign up in English, Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Fintiba is directly connected to Sutor Bank.
  • Finitiba allows you to deposit more than 11.208 euros per year.

Expatrio Blocked Account

Expatrio works to help people relocating to Germany. It was founded in 2017. Visit their website to browse different value packages they are providing i.e., free travel insurance for 92 days, free ISIC card for students for a year, etc.

Expatrio Blocked Account-How to get it opened?

Follow these three simple steps to get your Expatrio bank account opened.

  1.  Fill in the application form at their website and upload the necessary documents. you will receive the confirmation mail within minutes that your blocked account has been opened.
  2. The next step is to transfer your funds to it.
  3. Get your blocked account activated once you arrive in Germany.

Expatrio Blocked Account-Charges

To set up your blocked account, you will have to pay 49 euros initially. On a monthly basis, you will be required to pay a 5 euros service fee.

Expatrio Blocked Account-Advantages

  • Expatrio is an official-blocked account provider, and therefore it's authentic.
  • The setup fee, as well as the service fee, are relatively low.
  • Expatrio offers you exciting value packages.
  • In case your visa fails to get approval, Expatrio offers you the money-back guarantee.
  • You can use their website to sign up in English, Korean, or Chinese.

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Coracle Blocked Account

Coracle was founded in 2016 to serve international students in Germany. Initially, it was a health insurance broker. It became a blocked account provider in 2018. It provides the prime package to bachelor’s and master’s students. The prime package includes six months of free travel insurance and a reduced price for health insurance. 

Coracle Blocked Account-How to get it opened?

1.) Filling the Application

Fill in the application form at their website and upload the necessary documents. you will receive the confirmation mail within minutes that your blocked account has been opened.

2.) Transfer Funds

The next step is to transfer your funds to it.

3.) Activate Bank Acount

Get your blocked account activated once you arrive in Germany

Coracle Blocked Account-Charges

A coracle is very cost-effective. For the PRIME package, Coracle charge 59€ and for the blocked account service it's 99€ for 1 year.

Coracle Blocked Account-Benefits

  • It’s the most economical blocked account provider as no monthly fee is required.
  • A coracle is an officially approved blocked account provider.
  • 11,208 euros is not the limit. You can deposit more than this amount to your coracle blocked account.
  • The prime offer is amazing for eligible students (bachelor and master).
  • A money-back guarantee is offered by Coracle in case your visa doesn’t get approved.

How to Get your Monthly Allowance from Blocked Account?

Once you have reached Germany, you need to do get your blocked account activated. For this purpose, you will have to provide some important details i.e., stamped visa, German checking account information, German address. To open a Girokonto aka Simple Bank account in Germany, then check out our Guide related to Best English Banks in Germany.

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These were the best-blocked account providers in Germany. Each provider has its own benefits, charges, and limitations. Choose the one that suits you the most to open your blocked account. Wishing you a very good luck with your relocation to Germany!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) If my application form gets rejected, what will I do?

The first thing you need to do is to check the reason behind rejection. Go through the form with keen attention and check for the mistaken information (if any). Also, check the uploaded documents if they are all verified.

2.) If I need more money than the provided monthly allowance, what should I do?

In this case, you will have to visit the local immigration office to place your request for account release. Once your request is gets approved, the office will give you an approval document. Submit this document to your bank branch. Now you will be able to access the released amount.

3.) I deposited more money than the required funds. Can I access this money?

Yes, you can. It's your choice whether you want to withdraw all at once or little by little each month. However, this rule only applies to the additional money you have deposited to your blocked account other than the necessary fund.

4.) How will I receive my account information?

All the necessary information related to your blocked account will be sent to you via mail. So keep checking your spam as well, so the mail doesn’t go unnoticed. The mail will contain information about your IBAN, blocked account, and bank ID code.

5.) Can I get the application form in my native language?

If your native language is other than English or German, then you can’t get the application form in your native language. 

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