Visiting Hairdresser (Friseur) in Germany – Must Know Things [2023]

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Do you have tangled hair and want to get them trimmed? Are you sick of your long frizzy hair? Are you planning to move to Germany? Are you on an extended business trip with messy hair? If so, you would need to know about a suitable hairdresser in Germany, who can provide quality services for your hair needs. You must also know the basics about haircuts in Germany and how to get a haircut.

Things You Must Know Before Visiting a Hairdresser in Germany

Before choosing an expert hairdresser and going to a barber shop, you must know important points to make an easy selection. These important instructions are mentioned below;

  • Almost all salons and hairdressers’ shops will ask you if you want them to wash your hair before cutting, so think before visiting the salon and prepare yourself accordingly. There would be extra charges if you want them to wash your hair too.
  • In other countries, you only pay for a blow wave but not a blow-dry. In Germany, you would pay for a blow dry too. Because of this, wherever you visit a saloon, you will see people coming out with wet hair. If you want to dry your hair, you will dry it yourself before leaving the salon using their hair dryer.
  • Some salons will add the payment for shampoo, oil, and cream, but you will find these salons cheaper than others.
  • Few salons do not need to have an earlier appointment before visiting them, but most salons ask their customers for an early appointment.
  • It is not compulsory to know German. Many hairdressers know the other language. If you still face a language barrier while visiting a salon, you can show a picture to the barber and get the same haircut or other services.
  • Keep in mind that the measurements are in mm and three or multiples. They do not have a 1 – 4 blade with them. Only a few use 8 or 12 mm.

How to Get an Appointment at Hairdresser in Germany?

You can get an appointment from the salon by calling them. You have to say that “my name is Ms. XYZ. I need an appointment.” If you have chosen a walk-in salon or a walk-in barber shop, you can simply go for a haircut.

Questions Salon Representative May Ask Before Appointment

When you call a salon for an appointment, they will ask you a few questions as mentioned below;

  1. What services do you need?
  2. What is your preferred date?
  3. What time is suitable for you?
  4. What are your contact details?

After getting answers to these questions, they will tell you about the next open and suitable appointment for you.

What are the Typical Prices for haircuts in Germany? 

The price for a men’s haircut is low compared to the women’s haircut or kids’ haircut. Men’s haircuts may cost up to 8 – 12 Euros. The prices depend on the city, for example in Frankfurt you can also find a haircut below 7 Euros but in Munich, the normal haircut may cost around 12 Euros. If you want to know about the prices before visiting a salon, you can ask them while making an appointment on a phone call. If you visit a walk-in salon, you can ask the price before sitting on the hairdressing chair.

Kids are always tough to deal with, so the prices for kid’s haircuts might be a bit expensive for you.

How much Tip is expected by Friseur in Germany?

Only a few people used to pay for a trip to the barbers compared to the other countries, but if you do so, it would be highly appreciated. The tip is generally 10% of the actual price.

Final Words

So, this is it! Now, you know everything about getting your haircut in Germany. Keep in mind to check reviews and feedback before deciding to choose a hairdresser. Ask the price earlier, either you’re making an appointment or visiting a walk-in barbershop. It would be best if you showed a picture and got a superb haircut. Cheers!

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