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Did you ever face difficulty in sending letters in Germany? This article will help you to know how to send letters in Germany? When a person visits a new country, it is always difficult to follow the new norms and rules according to that country. Everything might be challenging when you are new in any country.  Sending letters to your loved ones might be challenging when you are not in your homeland.

Below is the complete guide about German post offices and how you send a letter through the post. You can send letters and parcels inside Germany. You can also send and receive posts outside Germany. You can send letters to three different addresses; residential, private, or business addresses.

How to Send a Letter to Germany

Deutsche Post is the most commonly used service for sending letters in Germany. There are two ways to send letters. You can either visit the post office or buy stamps from authorized offices or online. Once your letter is complete and you have pasted stamps on the top right corner of the envelope, you can go to the nearest post box or post office during their open hours.

If you have stamps, you can also put envelopes in the nearest yellow box on the street. If you cannot find any, you can check the location online. Always check the time of these boxes before placing a letter that they get emptied so you may not face any delaying issues.

Send a Parcel to Germany

Deutsche Post sends the parcels through the DHL facility. It is the most convenient way to send parcels in Germany as several options are available according to your needs and requirements. You can find the nearest DHL shops online and can buy packaging material for your parcel.

How to receive Letters and posts in Germany

Post offices deliver the posts daily to your nearest mailbox. If your parcel is big enough and does not fit in your post box, the postman or woman will visit your home to deliver your package. If you are not at home, they will leave your parcel with your neighbors. If you live in an apartment, the name and apartment number must be the same on the letter and the postbox. Ask the sender to write the name clearly or mention ‘care of’ so it may not lose

How much does it cost to send a letter? 

Cost is different for the postcard, standard letter, or parcel; they depend on the size and the weight of the envelope. The maximum accepted weight is usually one kilogram. If you want to use a mobile service, you can receive a code by sending a text message. Write that code on the envelope. This facility is good but more expensive because you can stamp your letters with a code, and you don’t need a printer to print stamps. You can also order DHL to collect your parcels from your home. There is an additional cost for this service.

Sending your letters and parcels outside Germany is more expensive. You can always check the cost of your parcel online.

Other more expansive services like insurance, express shipping, urgent mail, weekend delivery, same-day delivery, and insurance.

Correct way to write an Address on the Envelope in Germany

You must write your address in the bottom right of your envelope in the German format for smooth, fast, and safe delivery. Leave space of at least 15 mm to the right and bottom edge and 40 mm to the top edge of the envelope.

Where To Write The Address On The Envelope In Germany 1
Do not leave any space between name and address. The address text must be left-aligned with the same style and size of the font. If you did not write the address in the standard format, the post might take time to deliver. The German format is Name, Street and street Number, ZIP code, and Town.

Write your address in good writing as the post office sort all the letters through a machine. Write on the front side of the envelope. You will write your (sender) address in the top left corner.

Correct Format

Max Müller
Hauptstraße. 26
12345 Freiburg

Incorrect Format

Max Müller

Hauptstraße. 26
Freiburg 12345

How much time Deutsche Post take to deliver a Letter or Parcel? 

If you place your letter well before the pickup time at the post offices, they will deliver letters inside Germany the very next day. During pandemics of COVID 19, it was highly recommended to place your letters well before 2 to 3 days of the delivery time.


The German post system works efficiently if you write the address properly. If you do not follow the German format, the machines will not read them during sorting, and they might not deliver in time. You must follow all the instructions carefully for safer and faster delivery.

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