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If you’re looking to get behind the wheel in Germany, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. In this article, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to register a car in Germany, as well as provide some helpful tips along the way. 

We hope this guide will make the registration process easier for you, and help you get behind the wheel as quickly as possible!

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How to register your car in Germany

In every region where the car’s owner resides, all automobiles must be registered with the competent authority. Because all German number plates contain a code indicating where the vehicle is registered (e.g., if you relocate to a new city within Germany), this holds true. HH for Hamburg and B for Berlin.

The registration of your car is generally handled by a dealership if you purchase it there. You’ll have to register your car yourself by scheduling an appointment at your local vehicle registration office (Kraftfahrzeug Zulassungsstelle) if you bought it privately or imported it. It costs around 30 Euros to register.

Registering a New Car in Germany

When you buy or get a new car, the most common cause for registering it is. After you register the vehicle as your owner, you may only drive on public roads. The process is known as “first registration” if the automobile has never been registered before.

Registering a Used Car in Germany

It depends on whether the seller has already canceled the registration and if you can re-register or register a used car. A clause in the car purchase contract may be used to specify this. 

You may re-register a deregistered vehicle you’ve obtained. Registering a used automobile that has been registered with the previous owner (change of vehicle ownership) is important if it comes into your hands.

In Germany, you must have the following documents to register a car

For the registration of a vehicle, there are various documents and proofs that must be provided. You may need to do some extra steps to get these documents depending on your situation. 

The following are typically required: 

  • A German passport, a foreign passport, or an ID card are all valid forms of identification
  • Registration certificate
  • The second half of the car’s registration certificate must be provided proof of ownership
  • A vehicle insurance (eVB) number is required
  • Certificate of conformity (Only if necessary)
  • For imported automobiles, there is a foreign registration certificate (required)
  • Following a technical inspection (T√úV certificate), you may show proof of roadworthiness
  • For the payment of vehicle tax, SEPA has a direct debit requirement

Car Inspection Process (T√úV)

A used automobile must pass a general inspection (Hauptuntersuchung) in Germany to be registered. This examination verifies that the automobile is roadworthy and clean to drive.

The inspection may cost anywhere from 70 to 150 euros, and it takes roughly 30 minutes. You have four weeks to fix any problems and reappear with the automobile if the inspectors detect any.

Dealerships may sometimes provide to handle this procedure for you, sometimes for a fee, if you purchased the automobile from them. They will post it to you by snail mail along with all of the vehicle registration papers after they get the roadworthiness certificate.

In Germany, the frequency of vehicle inspections varies depending on the age of the car:

For new vehicles: After 36 months, new cars will have their first roadworthiness inspection

For used vehicles: inspection held after 24 month

Older used vehicles: Every 12 months, used vehicles older than seven years are required to be inspected

    How much is the Cost of Car Registration in Germany

    It is necessary to have a vehicle registered in order to be allowed to drive it on the road. Registering a car, however, costs how much? There is no one solution since the regulation of this varies greatly from place to place in Germany. The cost of registering a car varies depending on the authority and registration district, generally ranging from 30 to 60 Euros.

    The cost of registering a car may also be affected by reserving a license plate of your choice and replacing important missing documents.

    When you register your car, you’ll need either cash or your EC card. On the spot, you pay the fees.

    Is it necessary to register the vehicle personally?

    In order to be recognized as the new owner in the car records, you must register your vehicle. As a result, you are expected to present yourself in person at the specified vehicle registration office. You may, however, allow someone to do it for you if this is not possible for you. For instance, a close friend or relative. Moreover, when you buy a vehicle from a dealer, they often offer to register it.

    They must have your power of attorney before anyone else can register your car.

    Car insurance in Germany

    You’ll have to get a temporary number for your vehicle’s German insurance after you’ve successfully passed the T√úV. In order to apply for a bonus, you must get an “accident-free certificate” from your previous insurance company in your own nation.

    How Much is Vehicle Road Tax in Germany?

    You will get a tax notification from the customs office (Zollamt) once you have registered your vehicle, informing you of the quantity of vehicle tax you owe and how to pay it. 

    How Much Does it Cost to Register a Car in Germany?

    Since it’ll depend on the sort of automobile you have, it’s difficult to tell you a specific price. You can get an idea by checking out the above information provided above. Starting at 300‚ā¨, you should begin counting.

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