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If you are moving to Germany with your pet or planning to buy a dog, cat, or a horse in Germany, you must have information regarding two necessary types of insurance for your existing or new pet. One is liability insurance, and the other is health insurance. It is totally up to you to get either one or both at the same time.

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Pros of Pet Insurance

If you have pet insurance, you will enjoy several benefits that include;
βœ… Simple billing process'
βœ… Fewer expenses out of your pocket
βœ… Easy to find a professional and best veterinary doctor
βœ… Easy customization of your insurance plans
Mental peace that you are protected

Cons of Pet Insurance

There are several benefits associated with pet insurance; similarly, there are disadvantages too. The major disadvantages of pet insurance are mentioned below;

β›” You need to pay upfront costs associated with your chosen plans.
β›” You do not use all the benefits. Your plan is covered with many benefits that you may never use. This might include chemotherapy treatment or any alternative therapy.
β›” Your plan might not include a treatment or health issue that you need.
β›” Some restrictions on specific animals are included in pet insurance coverage.
β›” There are highly expensive plans that will affect your budget.
Regular check-ups and routine visits to veteran clinics are not included.

Liability Insurance in Germany

IF you have an insurance plan that covers liability insurance, you can save yourself from paying any financial damages to any other person caused by your pet. The insurance service provider will pay the cost against any financial damage after careful inspection.

Do You Need Pet Liability Insurance in Germany?

If you have a dog, you are legally liable to pay all the financial damages of a third person due to your dog or cat. If you were not present with your dog and the dog damaged someone, you will still pay the financial cost to the party who is in trouble due to your dog. It is recommended to buy an insurance plan that covers liability insurance. In this case, private liability insurance will offer you no benefit, so buy liability insurance for your and your dog’s safety.

Example of A Liability Insurance

If you are going out with your pet, your pet is tired and wants to lay down to take some rest. Out of nowhere a cyclists appear and he/she falls due to your cat, dog, or horse. He/She can sue you in court to demand the amount for any injury or treatment. You will be responsible for paying that amount to the person by law. In this case, pet liability insurance will give you the benefit that you do not need to pay the amount from your pocket. Your insurance provider will pay the amount on your behalf.

Pet Liability Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance covers the primary areas as given below.

  • Financial loss caused by your pet
  • Repair and replacement cost of anything that your pet broke
  • Cost of medical treatment in case of personal injury
  • Cost of repairs to property like building, quarter, or living area
  • Legal expenses to fight an unjustified court case or claim
  • Coverage in case of foreign visits
  • Damages during self-defense
  • Protection of the bad debts

You can demand your insurance provider for additional benefits if they offer and their plan covers them. These additional benefits may benefit you in several ways.

  • If you have a female dog or cat and male dog or cat mates with your female dog or cat, you can sue the owner of the male dog or cat and charge the damages due to unwanted pregnancy.
  • Damages for a rental property may be covered, for example, if a dog pees in the rental car.
  • Puppies’ protection for almost six or twelve months
  • Health insurance coverage with medical surgeries for your pet

What’s Not Covered in Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance does not include specific breed for pets, intentional damages, wear or tear, electric appliance damage, or glass damage.

States Where You Need Liability Insurance by Law

You are legally liable to have liability insurance if you have a pet – a dog, a cat, and a horse. There are six German states where you must have liability insurance by law and legislation. These states are Berlin, Lower Saxony, Schleswig Holstein, Thuringia, Saxony Anhalt, and Hamburg. All these states have different requirements and the minimum amount for personal or property damage caused by your pet. You can carefully check your policy to know the minimum required amount for the person or property damage caused by your pet. The below table shows the minimum amount for all six states.

where you need dog liablity insurance in germany 1
In other states of Germany, you will have to get your liability insurance plan only if you have a dangerous pet.

Health Insurance in Germany

Pets like dogs, cats, and horses are just like you and maybe injured and sick too. It is uncontrollable to visit a veterinary doctor if you have a pet. You may need to visit a doctor for a regular checkup in case of an accident or illness or get the vaccine. You can receive bills of huge amounts after such visits. If you do not want to pay from your salary, you need to get a health insurance plan for your pet. In that case, your insurance provider will pay these amounts on your behalf.

Types of Medical Insurance

There are two main kinds of medical insurance. You can either have health insurance or surgery insurance, or both.

What’s Included in Health Insurance

Health insurance may include medical treatment, checkups, vaccination costs, surgery, castration, diagnostics, medicines, and stay in the animal clinic or hospital.

Accidents Ratio in Germany

Accidents may occur even if you have trained your dog well enough. According to the latest study and calculations, the liability insurance company pays more than 80.000 Euros annually. There are almost 100 accidents every year. The cost of these accidents is 50.000 Euros in total. The cost of an individual claim is usually 1.000 Euros.

Best Pet Insurances in Germany

Various insurance providers offer quality services and the best plans to their clients. Below are the three best insurances in Germany that you might find suitable.

Liability Insuranceβœ…βœ…βœ…
Health Insuranceβ›”βœ…βœ…
Liability CoverageUp to 50 million EurosUp to 20 million EurosUp to 16 million Euros
Liability DeductionsNo deductionsPossible deductionsPossible deductions
Liability Insurance Monthly Costfrom €2,40from €5,90from €6,60
Health Insurance Monthly Costβ›”from €29,90from €23,90
CancellationAnytime availableAnytime availableDepends
Support In the English LanguageAvailableNot availableNot available
English WebsiteAvailableNot availableNot available

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Important Instructions

When you go out with your dog, you must have poop bags. You may get a fine if you are without a bag and your dog poops. Most restaurants and shopping malls allow you to carry your pets with you. Do not forget to confirm if you can bring your pet inside or not before entering a restaurant or a mall. Grocery stores and restaurants with open kitchens typically do not allow their clients to bring their pets inside. Few pets are not allowed on public beaches or playgrounds for kids. You can take your dogs with you on public transport but cannot go on the bus seats. Your dog or any pet must be in a closed container before you travel on a public bus or train in Germany.

Concluding Remarks

The insurance coverage you choose is totally up to you. You must think and research carefully before making a final decision regarding your insurance plan. You may choose any insurance coverage according to your wishes, needs, demands, and financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any insurance for pets like cats and other small animals?

Cats and other small animals are usually covered under the private liability insurance of the owner.

Why is liability insurance for horses necessary?

Liability insurance for horses is compulsory due to the size, strength, and power of the horse.

What is the liability coverage for horses?

The liability coverage for horses will cost between 100 and 150 Euros per annum.

Is personal property damage covered in cat or horse liability insurance?

The damage caused by a horse or a cat to the owner's personal property is not covered in the liability insurance.

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