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Are you a single ex-pat moving to Germany to study or get a job? Do you love dating someone in your free time? Do you feel bored alone in a new country and have no friends to have fun with? Are you looking for a dating app that works best in Germany? Do you need someone for a social gathering? If so, this article will help you have leisure time full of fun and excitement. Let us share that you can meet people with your mobile, as there are a lot of apps to make new friends and to find a new partner. No matter if you are new in Germany, you will succeed in dating if you use the best sites or apps for dating someone. In this article, we will share details about the best dating apps in Germany for serious relationships. A few dating services are paid for, but they are the most popular. However, you can find a lot of free apps, too, for the same purpose. These dating apps and sites are only available in Germany.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship and you are serious enough with your dating partner, you would perfectly need dating. When you interact with your German friends or neighbors, you will get to know that they are willing to pay an amount for dating. They do not think they are wasting money to find love and a true relationship.

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Quick Review of Best Dating Apps

If you are in a hurry or short of time, here is a summary of these apps for your quick review.

    Dating AppPersonality TestTest DurationAge GroupFree or Paid
    ParshipYes3025 to 59 yearsFree as well as paid
    eDarlingYes40Over 35 yearsFree as well as paid
    C-DateNo-25 to 54 years● Free for women looking for men
    ● Paid for women looking for women and couples
    ● Paid for men
    LoveScout24No-25 to 34 yearsFree as well as paid
    ElitePartnerYes2020 to 50 yearsFree as well as paid
    Next LoveNo-25 to 45 yearsFree as well as paid


    This is the most famous dating website Germans and foreigners living in Germany can use. It was established in 2001. Their marketing team has put a lot of effort into making it more famous and popular among many best apps. According to the study, single persons using this app fall in love every 11 minutes. This website is also for those looking for serious relationships with sincere intentions. According to a survey conducted in 2021, almost 94% of Parship users rated the website as satisfied and very satisfied. Almost 40% of cases are successfully connected in the long term and successful relationships. The survey has made Parship more popular due to the satisfaction of its users in their relationships. One of the reasons behind the popularity and good rating of Parship is that the user has to go through many details while setting up the profile.

      Some Facts about Parship

      • The male-female ratio is balanced, which is 51% and 49%.
      • The success rate is high, which is 40%.
      • The app offers an icebreaker feature where users can start a conversation quickly.
      • 91% of people are looking for long-term and committed relationships.
      • The personality test during the sign-up process consists of 80 questions.
      • It offers matching suggestions based on compatibility with comparing your test results.
      Parship Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ The website has educated and professional users.
      ✅ No one can make a fake profile on the website, as they require an ID check.
      ✅ Sign up process includes a personality test that usually takes up to 30 minutes.


      ⛔️ If you want to date someone outside Germany, you cannot find the person on Parship. This app and website are only available in Germany.
      ⛔️ The free version of the app does not allow its users to view pictures.

      Costs and Charges

      Parship offers three premium plans for its users.

      • 6 months premium plan
      • 12 months premium plan
      • 24 months premium plan

      See the below table for per month and the total cost of each available premium option.

      Premium Plan OptionPer Month CostTotal Cost
      6 Months Premium Plan€ 74.90€ 449.40
      12 Months Premium Plan€ 65.90€ 790.80
      24 Months Premium Plan€ 45.90€ 1,101.60


      You would love this website because of its scientific design. They match your profile with other various profiles to give you the most matching options for dating. To enhance the quality of the website, they check profiles manually, which is why you have a higher chance of finding serious persons.

      Facts about eDarling

      • Their members are almost 2.6 million.
      • Their male-female user ratio is almost equal, that is, 48% males and 52% females.
      • The personality test is necessary to create a profile. To complete the personality test, you must prepare yourself with necessities for almost 40 minutes.
      eDarling Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ You do not have to search for the profile because it gives matching suggestions.
      ✅ All age groups can make their profile on E Darling as they do not offer their features for specific customers.
      ✅ Applications have free as well as paid versions.


      ⛔️ Usage is very limited with its free version. All features are only available in the premium version of the application.

      Pricing of the App

      Three different premium models are available, as described below.

      Premium Plan OptionDurationPer Month CostTotal Cost
      Premium Lite6 Month Membership Plan€ 49.90€ 299.40
      Premium Classic12 Months Membership Plan€ 29.90€ 358.80
      Premium Comfort24 Months Membership Plan€ 27.90€ 669.60


      C-Date is a German dating site founded in 2008 focusing on casual dating, affairs, and open relationships. C-Date stands for casual dating (spontaneous dating). People have rated it satisfactory in terms of long-term successful relationships, too. C-Date app is for singles who want to enjoy life to its fullest. Sign up process is very easy and takes only a few minutes to register. Once you sign up, you will find your dating partner who will fit your preferences quickly. The application offers data security and ensures that your data will not be shared with other parties.

      Key Facts about C-Date

      • The website has 3.7 million Germans and 35 million members worldwide.
      • The application gets over, 25000 new members daily.
      • The Premium version of the app is free for females looking for males. However, females are looking for other females, and couples must pay for it.
      • C-date users go through a responsive chat session rather than a personality test, application forms, and profile-checking formalities.
      • The men and women ratio is 48% and 52%.
      Cdate Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ The website and app are available in English.
      ✅ The website has all real users as they monitor all new joiners and users while they sign up.
      ✅ The process is quick and easy.


      ⛔️  Website is expensive as compared to the other websites.
      ⛔️  Free version has very few features.

      Costs and Pricing

      The website offers two paid options.

      • Premium plan
      • Premium Plus plan

      The charges for the premium plus plan are as follows;

      For Men

      Premium Plan OptionPer Month CostTotal Cost
      3 Months Premium Plan€ 39.90€ 179.70
      6 Months Premium Plan€ 49.90€ 299.40
      12 Months Premium Plan€ 32.90€ 394.80

      For Women

      Premium Plan OptionPer Month CostTotal Cost
      3 Months Premium Plan€ 14.90€ 44.70
      6 Months Premium Plan€ 9.90€ 59.40
      12 Months Premium Plan€ 6.90€ 82.80


      It is another dating website that has 6 million members. You can use this website if you are looking for a sincere relationship. This website was developed in 1997. The first name of this website was people united, which was later changed into love scout 24. The registration process is simple. When signing up on its website, you need to mention your gender and the gender you are looking for in your dating plans. You must also enter your date of birth, username, password, and valid email address to register successfully. Later, you will answer the 20 questions to help the website and app offer you the best matching suggestions.

      Key Facts about Love Scout 24

      • The website is available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Austria, France, and Switzerland.
      • Love scout 24 has 1 million active members only in Germany.
      • The website is not available in the English version but in the native language of each mentioned country.
      • The website does not offer a google translator feature.
      • The website carefully checks the user's IP address before the user can sign up successfully. It only allows people to register from other countries where the website is available.
      lovescout24 Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ The website and application give an option of a single event if users are interested.
      ✅ The quality of the website is high.
      ✅ Their profile-making criteria are high, so you must actively start your search.
      ✅ The application has a different portal for separate and casual dating plans.
      ✅ They also offer membership for one month, which is a huge advantage of this app.


      ⛔️  The app does not offer matching suggestions, so you must search for your match.
      ⛔️  You cannot find people outside Germany, as the website and app is only available in Germany.

      Pricing and Costs

      The website offers different options for different age groups. Their plans are different depending on the duration you want to use the app. Refer to the given table for different membership options for 18 to 29 years old users.

      Premium Plan OptionPer Month CostTotal Cost
      1 Month Membership Plan€ 39.90€ 39.40
      3 Months Membership Plan€ 29.90€ 89.70
      6 Months Membership Plan€ 19.90€ 119.40


      It is one of the top leading sites for those serious about making long-term relationships in Germany. Whether new to Germany or already living there, you can use the Elite partner site for your dating time. When talking with people about your dating plans or experience, you will get to know that many people living in Germany, especially couples, have used this app. Many couples met through this app and enjoyed a long-lasting relationship.

      When you sign up, it is highly recommended that you check every profile given in your suggestions. Try to filter only those profiles using this site for a serious and long-term relationships.

      Facts about Elite Partner

      • Personality test while signing up for the site takes only 20 minutes.
      •  Elite Partner has almost 3.8 million users.
      • There are 47% male members and 53% of female members on this site.
      ElitePartner Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ If you are looking for an academic single, Elite Partner is the best, as it has a lot of academic users. Almost 70% of members of this site have an educational background.
      ✅ Users need to sign up through a compulsory personality test.
      ✅ Once you complete the personality test successfully, you will sign up and get the matching profile suggestions to have the best dating experience with people similar to you.
      ✅ You will find many options like Flirt seminars, Single coaching,   Photoshoots


      ⛔️  You have to check every profile manually.
      ⛔️  If you are looking for someone outside Germany, you cannot find one on Elite Partner. This app and website are only available in Germany.

      Costs and Payment Options

      The app offers three premium options for its users.

      •  6 months premium plan
      • 12 months premium plan
      • 24 months premium plan

      Look at the table below for per month and the total cost of each premium plan.

      Premium Plan OptionCost (Per Month)Cost (Total)
      6 Months Premium Plan€ 69.90€ 419.40
      12 Months Premium Plan€ 49.90€ 598.80
      24 Months Premium Plan€ 35.90€ 861.60

      Next Love

      It is a dating site specifically for single and divorced parents. The total number of users on the next love site is 5 million. It is a European dating site that is available in English. Users can sign up for the app without paying any charges, and the sign-up process is also very easy and quick. To create your profile, you only have to verify with an SMS and another method.

      NextLove Best Germany Dating sites


      ✅ The website and app are available in English.
      ✅ The website has all real users as they monitor all new joiners and users while they sign up.
      ✅ The process is quick and easy.


      ⛔️  Website is expensive as compared to the other websites.
      ⛔️  Free version has very few features.

      Costs and Pricing

      The website offers two paid options.

      • Premium plan
      • Premium Plus plan

      The charges for the premium plus plan are as follows;

      Premium Plus Plan OptionSavingsPer Month CostTotal Cost
      1 Month Premium Plus Plan-€ 19.99€ 19.99
      3 Months Premium Plus Plan33%€ 13.33€ 39.99
      6 Months Premium Plus Plan50%€ 10.00€ 59.99
      12 Months Premium Plus Plan67%€ 6.58€ 79.00

      Key Instructions to Use Dating Apps

      Your profile on any dating website and app is of great matter. There are a few instructions that you must follow while using any dating app or website.

      • While creating your profile, focus on quality. Create a high-quality profile, mention your details carefully, and complete all aspects. Your profile is just like your resume or cover letter.
      • Your profile picture must be good enough to attract people and other users to visit your profile. Not every user will open up your profile to see the details if your profile picture is not good. Keep in mind that your profile picture is the first impression.
      •  It is time-consuming, especially if you are using a free version. So keep patience.
      • You must talk to each other if you have found your perfect match. If you do not communicate, you will not get any benefit. You must start the conversation to make a relationship.
      • Respect every user and be nice, humble, and polite to everyone, even if you do not want to continue the relationship.
      • You can use the video chat feature to get to know someone before any meet-up.

      Costs and Pricing

      The website offers two paid options.

      • Premium plan
      • Premium Plus plan

      The charges for the premium plus plan are as follows;

      Frequently Asked Questions about Dating in Germany

      How many German are using online dating websites and apps?

      According to the statistics, 28% of Germans use these websites and apps to find their dating partners. If we talk about the number in 2021, then it is about 9 million German who are using these websites and apps.

      Who is using dating apps and sites in Germany?

      According to the survey, 1/3 of males and 1/4 of females are active on these dating websites and applications.

      Is it good to use a free dating app when looking for a serious relationship?

      You can find a partner with a free version, but it would take more time compared to the paid versions. So, if you use a paid app, chances are higher that you will find a serious match to date. Secondly, almost everyone uses the free version even if they do not want a serious relationship.

      Is there any fake or scam profile?

      These websites attract a lot of users, and a few make fake profiles. Top dating apps, as mentioned above, focus on quality through personality checks and profile checks.

      What should you think while choosing a dating website and app?

      1. Well, the choice depends on the user, but it is highly recommended that you choose an affordable app.
      2. It should also fulfil your dating requirements and needs.
      3. Another suggestion is that you must look for registered users. If the app has more users, chances will increase, and your match search effort will be less.
      4. Then, you must check if the app and website are secure. Some websites have strict security checks, and they check every profile. Few apps check the identity and ask to verify it.

      Wrapping Up

      You can choose any of the above apps according to your dating needs and requirements. Registration on all apps is free, so you can try more apps to see which app suits you best. All dating apps and sites have different features, so use one that best fits your dating plans. Enjoy your dating experience!

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