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If you live in Germany and anything in your home is caught by fire, you would be surprised that you can recover such losses if you have home content insurance. Home content insurance is amazing for people living in Germany because you can protect your items and favourite belongings in your home by paying a small amount every year. You can also call it your home or household insurance.

Germany is good to have insurance for everything like property, liability, car, health, and home content. It's your choice to get insurance for your home and belongings, as it is not legally compulsory. Remember that paying a monthly fee to protect your home and belongings is very beneficial. If you have an insurance policy, you will cover yourself for losses and unfortunate risks. In this article, we will discuss the best household insurance in Germany. Please read it till the end to learn about the best insurance providers in Germany and their pros and cons.

What is meant by Household Insurance 

Household or home content insurance is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). It protects your belongings from hail, fire, smoke, theft, robbery, explosion, storms, and damage from burst pipes. You can save your belongings from damage due to leakage from electric appliances like refrigerators. Your belongings are all those you take with you when you move to your new house or apartment, so you should protect them from vandalism, burglary, and fire damage by getting household insurance.

Types of Insurance in Germany

Well, there are three different kinds of home insurance in Germany, as given below;

  1. Home content insurance
  2. Homeowners liability insurance
  3. Building insurance
  4. Business insurance
  5. Car insurance

Here is a brief description of all kinds of home insurance in Germany, so keep reading

Home Content Insurance

Home content insurance is for the protection of all movable items and belongings in your home or apartment. For example, Furniture, fixtures, carpets, clothes, electronics, jewellery, and equipment.

Homeowners Liability Insurance

Homeowners liability insurance is insurance that offers protection from accidents in your apartment. Mostly it covers the accidents that are the reason for someone else's injury or loss to the property of a third party.

Building Insurance

Building insurance, also known as homeowner insurance, protects the fixed property. For example, walls, ceilings, floor, bathroom units, and fitted units in your house.

Car Insurance

it would help to get a specific car insurance policy for all the motor vehicles like your car or bike.

Why You Need Such Insurances in Germany? 

Any insurance in Germany is optional, but to avoid unexpected risks and losses, try to have it as early as you reach Germany. Some contracts have specific requirements to have an insurance plan in Germany. Home content insurance is necessary if you sign a rental contract for a furnished apartment. On the other hand, if you have a mortgage agreement, you should have your building insurance. Rather than applying for a separate insurance plan for each category, you should buy a combined plan that fits your needs perfectly. Many insurance providers offer combined insurance plans for two or all three kinds of insurance, so choose carefully to meet your needs.

Reasons to Get Household Insurance in Germany

Here is the situation: your home's Furniture is caught up by the fire, and the loss is huge. Of course, it is you who will bear the loss and will manage to replace it. The landlord or property owner will never take this responsibility to replace any belongings in your house or apartment. Germany is a great and safe country, but mishaps are everywhere globally. So the biggest reason to have household insurance is mental peace. When you get home content insurance, you need to pay an amount as a monthly fee. This will give you the peace to replace your belongings without inconvenience. You will get help from your insurer to bear the loss by damage.

    Household Insurance Coverage by Insurers in Germany

    You might be wondering about the things that are covered by home content insurance. Different household insurers offer different coverage. It depends upon your household insurance that which items are fully protected and which are protected in limited amounts. Let's discuss it in detail.

    • You can get coverage for all the belongings in your home, such as electric appliances, cash, jewellery, clothes, Furniture, antennas, pets,  fixtures, carpets, sports equipment, and other valuable items.
    • If you are out of the home for some trip or business meeting, you can get protection for stolen items during that time.
    • If you have a bicycle, you can cover it with your household insurance if and only if it is stolen from the garage of your house or apartment.
    • If you have parked your bicycle somewhere else, like in the parking area or front of the office or at some other place, you will not get coverage for the loss if it is stolen.
    • If you use your bicycle or bike daily, you should choose an insurance provider who offers coverage for the bicycle even outside of your home or apartment.
    • You can ask your insurer to add the breakage of the glass to your insurance plan. It would include coverage for glass furniture, glass ceramic, aquariums, glass windows, terrariums, and induction cooktops.
    • You can ask your insurance provider to add coverage for the loss because of your negligence and carelessness. You will only find it in some of the insurance plans. You should discuss this with your insurance provider if the loss is fully covered for an accident due to you.
    • Most insurance companies offer a partial amount for the valuable items at your home. This might include cash, jewellery, expensive art stuff, certificates, and other expensive and pricey belongings at your home. If you have such items at home, remember to get coverage for them too.
    • Household insurance also includes coverage for things other than at your home. These include;
      • Loss of personal data
      • Recovery of your data
      • Financial losses due to phishing emails
      • Loss due to legally downloaded files
      • Damage against data stored on your hard drive

    Some insurance providers pay the full loss or damage within a few weeks. Read the policy of your chosen insurance plan when you sign up for the contract. You can ask for coverage at that time, but after signing your contract, you will not get coverage for the losses and damages not included in your chosen plan.

    List of Best Household Insurance Providers in Germany

    Are you looking for German insurers to protect your home or belongings? No worries! You can choose any insurance listed below to protect your belongings from fire or other danger. Remember that your household insurance should be enough to replace all items in your home if they are damaged and destroyed. 

    While choosing your insurance plan, you must have a fair idea about the worth of your belongings. It is your responsibility to have an estimate for your belongings. Your insurer can not calculate the value of the things and items in your home. Take a good time and put effort into calculating your belongings' value before choosing your insurance plan. There are a lot of insurance providers in Germany. Few banks also offer insurance plans, but it is good if you compare before buying your insurance plan. Here is a list of a few of the insurances in Germany.

    • Feather
    • Gothaer
    • Getsafe
    • Helden
    • Adam Riese

    Summary of The Best Home Content Insurances

    If you are new to Germany, deciding which insurance to choose from many providers might be challenging. Here is a summary of some of the best insurances in Germany to enable you to replace all the things in your home you lost during a fire accident at your home.

    FeatherGothaerGetsafeHeldenAdam Riese
    User FriendlyYesYesYesYesYes
    CancellationAny timeCan cancel with a notice period of 3 months before the end of the term periodAny timeAny timeAny time
    English WebsiteYesNoYesNoNo
    Customer SupportYesNoYesNoNo
    Charges Per Month (Starts From)2.50 Euros3.96 Euros3.01 Euros3.08 Euros1.40 Euros


    Top feather houshold insurance in Germany

    It is an insurance provider in Germany, especially for expats and foreigners. They started their operation in 2018 in the German market and offer coverage for damages against fire, hail, water, storm, theft, and burglary.


    ✅ Their services, information, and customer support are available in English. Their website has an English chat option that benefits their clients.
    ✅ They offer customized services according to the specific needs of their customers.
    ✅ An under-insurance waiver is available.
    ✅ You can cancel your policy anytime.


    ⛔️ Response time in the English chat on their website could be faster.
    ⛔️ Their basic insurance plan only covers some of the amount rather than the full amount of the damaged item.
    If you want coverage for the full value of your belongings, you need to sign up for their premium plan.




    It is a large German insurance company with a billion Euros in income and millions of clients from across the globe. It has been working for 200 years. The staff of Gothaer insurance company is very cooperative and caring. They are committed to offering quality and best service to their clients.

    best Gothaer houshold insurance in Germany


    ✅ They provide customised options in their insurance plans to serve their customers best.
    ✅ They have no deductibles in a few of their insurance policies.
    ✅ They offer three different plans such as basic, plus, and premium.
    ✅ Their 200 years of experience made them well-established.
    Good Customer services reflects in their rating.
    ✅ Additional coverage is allowed if you need it.


    ⛔️ Some of their insurance plans have deductibles of up to 150 Euros.
    ⛔️ Bike coverage outside of your home or apartment is optional.
    ⛔️ Their cancellation notice period is 3 months before the term period of 1 year.
    ⛔️ English website is not available.


    This is the German insurance provider founded in 2016. They have an app for their users that is very user-friendly and offers full customer support. Their insurance plans cover the loss because of fire, burglary, storm, vandalism, water damage, and loss due to your negligence.

    Top getsafe houshold insurance in Germany


    ✅ You can get recovery for civil unrest losses.
    ✅ You can set the sum of your insurance policy manually.
    ✅ The mobile app is very good and user-friendly.
    ✅ You can cancel your policy anytime
    ✅ Their website, customer support, and all information are available in English.
    Your items are covered if damaged or stolen outside your home.



    ⛔️ If you need to claim, you must use your native phone app to file your claim application. You can also call their hotline.
    ⛔️ If you want to add your family (kids or spouse), you need to pay additional charges.


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    This is a pioneer insurance company based in Hamburg, Germany. It started their operations in 2016. With Helden insurance policy, you are covered for losses and damages in Europe. Being an international student, Helden is a great option to secure your content and belongings.

    best helden houshold insurance in Germany


    ✅ Their plan has comprehensive coverage.
    ✅ Sign up process is very easy and quick.
    ✅ If you have home content insurance, you can change your policy without additional charges.
    ✅ You can cancel your policy anytime you want.
    ✅ here is no paperwork, and the complete process is digital.


    ⛔️ They offer only one insurance plan, regardless of your home size.
    The deductible amount is 150 Euros.
    Their English website is not available.
    ⛔️ Mobile application is not available.


    Adam Riese

    It was founded in 2017 by the Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG group. It is a great financial service provider in Germany. They digitalise their products as their group's strategy.

    Top adam riese houshold insurance in Germany


    ✅ Their sign-up process is very simple.
    ✅ There are no deductibles depending on the package
    ✅ You can buy different add-ons like;
    • Broken glass
    • Stolen bicycle
    • Loss due to natural forces
    ✅ Flexible Cancellation Policy


    ⛔️ Their website is not in English.
    ⛔️ Their customer support menu is in German.
    Adam Reise have no mobile application for their clients 

    Tips and Strategies to Choose the Right Insurance Policy for Your Needs

    Being an expat, you need clarification when deciding which insurance plan suits your needs. Here are a few tips you should remember while choosing your insurer. If you consider these strategies, you will likely find the right option.

    • If you often move outside your home, you need an insurance plan covering the items outside your home. These items might include items you take to your hotel where you stay during your trip, items in your locker in a gym, items you take with you in a hospital during your illness, or items in a health spa you often visit.
    • Do check the requirements of your insurance provider well before signing your contract. If you need to buy some add-ons, you can buy them easily before signing up if you need to go somewhere. It would be best to inform your insurance provider about your absence at your home.
    • Discuss the coverage for expensive items. These will include pricey items for more than 5000 Euros. If you have anything of such value, you should ensure it is covered in your household insurance. Ask your provider if the full amount is paid in case of damage to such expensive items.
    • Your partner and other family members are of core concern. Remember them while choosing an insurance provider, and add them to your insurance policy.
    • Ensure your chosen home content insurance covers your needs and requirements.
    • Do not ignore the terms and conditions. Read them all carefully before you sign up.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can you use your home insurance plan in Germany, which is taken from another country?

    Germany is an EU country. If you have your insurance policy from another EU country and your insurer follows the EU rules for insurance companies, you can use your insurance policy in Germany. You can transfer your policy to Germany if your insurance is from a trade broker.

    Would your insurance terms change if you transfer from one country to another?

    Yes, of course! Your terms and conditions associated with your insurance plan would change when you are using your insurance from another country in Germany. You will calculate your insurance policy according to your new home and your new neighbours in Germany.

    Can you use your home content insurance from another country without changing the terms and conditions in Germany?

    There is only one way out of this. If you want to use your home content insurance in Germany, you must get an extended plan or insurance policy covering your belongings when you move to another country.

    What is the process to identify the value of items at your home or apartment?

    The process is very simple and given step by step below;

    • Go to each room in your home and take pictures or videos of the items that you want to get covering your insurance plan.
    • Make a list of your items on paper or your computer.
    • Mention the estimated cost of each item in your list.
    • If you have receipts for important items, you should take pictures. Keep your receipts and a copy of them at different locations. Save the pictures on more than two devices for a good backup of your receipts.
    • Write down the model number and other specifications in your list if you have some expensive items at your home.
    • Calculate the estimated value of your clothes, other items at your home, or kitchen appliances.
    • Add all in the list to calculate the total amount of all items in your house or apartment.

    Doing this will give you an estimated amount your insurance policy should cover. If you buy new items, add them to your list to have an updated list occasionally.

    What Home Content Insurance Does Not Include?

    Well, only some things are added to your household insurance. Some losses are not covered by your home content insurance in Germany. These include;

    • Furniture in your home that is not yours. Your liability insurance will cover the loss of belongings that do not belong to you.
    • Your household insurance does not cover loss due to your pet. Separate pet insurance will cover such losses.
    • If you have an aircraft, boat, or bike, you will not get them covered with your household insurance. It would be best to get motorised vehicle insurance to cover such losses.


    After reading this blog, we hope you know much about German insurance providers. After reading this from start to end, you can pick one of the best insurance providers according to your need, requirements, and budget. No matter if you are new to Germany or for work or permanent living in Germany, you can get your home content insurance anytime you want. It is the best way to protect your belongings from having your shiny things again. We wish you all the best in choosing the right insurance for your needs. Cheers, and happy sharing!

    📢 Important Note: As much as we love sharing insights, it’s crucial to clarify that we’re not experts – just enthusiasts eager to help! 🤓💼 Our recommendations, including any affiliate links, stem from personal experiences, not professional endorsements.

    Before taking any steps based on our suggestions, we highly recommend conducting your own thorough research. 🕵️‍♂️📚 Your unique needs and circumstances deserve tailored attention, and we’re here to support you in making informed decisions. Thanks for entrusting us as part of your journey! 🌟🙏

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