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Live in Germany is an All-in-one platform for expats living in Germany. We try to bring all the important information and life-hacks in English. 

Believe us when we say, that, we know your struggle as an Expat living in Germany, and we understand that how hard Germany could become if you are not fluent in German. 

That’s why on this platform, we are trying to cover almost all the topics which any expat would need at some point of their stay in Germany. We have covered from very basic stuff like doing city registration in your city to the Legal insurances in Germany.

Our aim is to make this platform a hub for Expats, where you find all the resources in a reader friendly way, and find all the answers that you are looking for. 

We try to give you up to date and unbiased information. The products and services that we have mentioned on our website, are based on our and our expat friends' experiences. Not only this,  we also go through the online feedbacks of customers from different rating platforms like google, Trustpilot etc. so we know that the service or product that we are mentioning on our website is the best, and you can trust our recommendations. 

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